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    A friend of mine has a son in college who recently returned home for Summer break. I'm trying to get her to join the forums as she has a wealth of information to share. We were recently talking about the transition of him leaving for college and then returning. She initially thought everything would return to the "pre-college" ways until he came home. Their relationship had made another change since he no longer needed her in the same way. Just like when he was a newborn, she continued to listen to his cues and adjusts when needed. The last time we spoke, they were planning a family meeting to rediscover their roles as Mom, Dad, and adult son. She reinforced to me why AP doesn't stop when our children become independent adults.

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    that would be great to get the insight of the parent of an adult child who was AP'd. it would be encouraging to those of us much earlier in our journeys. i love the family meeting idea and hope to use it. do you know how old her children were when she started it?


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      This was a nice read.


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        Originally posted by PaxMamma View Post
        do you know how old her children were when she started it?
        I'm not sure how old her son was when they started using the term "family meeting." I'm sure they started sitting down as a family to discuss things when he was very young.


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          Oh please have her join the forums, she would definitely be a wealth of resources plus a glimpse into the future.

          I only returned home for Christmas break when the dorm closed. I decided to stay in college over the summer and work/take a few classes. That winter break was miserable on all of us hehe.