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    Hi just wondering if you would like to share some Christmas traditions here. It'll be our first family Christmas (DS will be 11.5 months). We will be going to my parents in the morning, MILs in the evening but will be eating dinner at our house for a change(vegetarian). We are not religious but we are spiritual and I would like this Christmas to be special...was going to get DS some nice board books - maybe some more Sandra Boyton because he really loves her but if there is any recommendations for simple stories re Christmas/kindness etc it would be appreciated, thanks.

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    we always go shopping for a needy child. my boys pick out gifts to give someone in need so they understand that Xmas isn't all about getting.


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      We participate in a Christmas Angel program locally - the children each pick a name of a child off of the tree and then we purchase gifts for them. We also go through the playroom and the kids help us fill a box (or boxes) to donate to local charities. We just did this last week and to my surprise, the kids filled two large boxes with toys, books, etc to donate. My kids are older now, 7 and 5, and we've done this every year but this year they both seemed to be more excited about it.

      As far as Christmas day, we all get together as a family and just hang out. Family is all local so we get together around noontime on Christmas and eat a mid-afternoon lunch and then spend he rest of the day having fun.


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        our christmas traditions consist of staying at home all of our relatives come and we eat , drink, socialize, and play games, and exchange ofcourse!! cant get any better!


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          Last couple yrs we have stayed home on Christmas Eve & Christmas day. On Christmas Eve we put up & decorate our Christmas tree while drinking warm apple cider & playing Christmas music & we also bake a cake for Jesus' birthday. On Christmas morning we go to Mass then come home, have lunch, get cake out, sing Happy birthday to Jesus & have cake then open gifts at some point. We spend the day discussing Jesus & having special time together being thankful for Jesus' birth & for our family.

          We make time for family & Godparents to visit with the children but not on actual day of Christmas. It is better for our family that way. (Too many reasons to go into.)

          Oh, on Christmas Eve DH puts out the Nativity that my father bought & repainted & built an encloser with lights & gave to us. At midnight we turn it on. A couple yrs ago someone broke into it & stole our baby Jesus & I was very upset b/c my dad really worked hard on it & it had sentimental value & I was crying & went upstairs looking for a doll baby that I could put out as replacement & couldn't find one & my DS, who was 2 at the time, was downstairs yelling up to me but I couldn't here him & DH said "Did you here your son?" I came to see what he said & it was this "Give up baby Jesus mommy!" He was holding up his first ever baby doll & what he was saying was that he wanted to give his doll up for baby Jesus. We let him take it out & put it in manger & took pics of him. Even though it was upsetting that baby Jesus was stolen, I think we felt more blessed than upset b/c of how our DS was so selfless, (he loved that doll), that we all learned a great lesson in love that year & will never forget it. Oh, gosh, I am sorry for going on.


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            My husband and kids build a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve.

            At 6:00 Xmas morning, the kids are allowed to come out and see what's in their stockings, and to see what Santa brought. They're not allowed to open presents until DH and I are awake. And of course, we pretend to be all pokey and slow so the kids go crazy telling us to hurry up.

            Present opening is "every man for himself." Some families do the Round Robin, where everybody opens a gift in turn. That's not our style.

            We head over to the in-laws about noon-ish or shortly thereafter. More gifts and stockings there, then food.

            Then later in the evening, we bring home two VERY VERY sleepy children, who have really been awake since 2 am in anticipation, and were watching the clock tick by minute by minute until the magic 6 am they were allowed to come out.