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This is how AP forum makes me feel...

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  • This is how AP forum makes me feel...

    I'll be honest... if I hadn't discovered this forum when I did (2 days ago, I think), I may go with what a lot of people have told me about how or what I should do, "transitioning" my baby so that I can do more work.

    Instead, I feel renewed in my commitment to find a "win-win". I am NOT going to quit and just go with convention instead of what's authentic to me! (I wrote about that in another blog, but if I post it here I'll no longer be anonymous

    I blogged how I feel about this forum and what I've seen so far in my pseudonymous mommy blog (start halfway down past the nap and donuts):

    Thank you, everyone. You motivate me to keep doing the right thing for my baby and still do well in business/life.

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    thanks for all the props! i'm glad you've found a home here.


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      I have to say also that I am grateful for fnding this forum and all the wonderful people who have posted offering advice and love. I have learned so much more about ap since joining (about 3 weeks ago) and have truly learned to continue to follow my heart when it comes to parenting. I've always tried to do so but sometimes struggle when "others" advise you what they think you should do.

      So thank you all as well!


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        Ive put this in my favorites list last night when I discovered it...THANK YOU THANK Y

        Ditto for how I feel