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Natural or Conventional Medicine?

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  • Natural or Conventional Medicine?

    I enjoyed reading and reviewing Jessie Hawkins' new book, The Handbook of Vintage Remedies: The Modern Family's Guide to Herbal Medicine, for (go to this link to read the article:

    As I wrote in the review, I have had a long-standing interest in natural medicine, but mostly to do with food's role in healing and prevention and not so much to do with herbalism. Knowing that Jessie, the author, is a premier authority in herbal medicine and is a mother herself, though, gives this book such credibility.

    While API doesn't take an official stance either way on natural or conventional medicine, I wonder if you've tried natural medicine and what benefit you've found for your family?

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    we use homeopathic and, occasionally, chiropractic medecine to treat our family. it's been very beneficial to us.


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      I use both. Natural methods whenever possible, but modern medicine has its benefits as well.
      I don't know where I would be right now without modern medicine. My son was conceived through IVF and this last month both he and daddy were in the hospital.

      I love natural remedies and natural healing, but then there is a point that for us we really feel personally and socially responsible for making sure our illnesses are taken care of.

      Ronnie was having some lymph node issues from being exposed to strep from families who chose to let it heal naturally, which it does, but then you are contagious for 30 days. They gave it to him 3 times in a row, not telling us that they were going untreated. This caused acute
      mesenteric lymphadenitis which has appendix like symptoms and for the next two months he will be alone at home recovering while he also deals with incontinence. Because his immune system is under attack and his body is not working well, when he was bitten by a poisonous spider, then stung by bees he was unable to fend them off very well. The last thing was we exposed to some cat fleas and two bites put him back in the hospital. We are now the sad owners of EPI Pens. I keep it next to our papaya enzyme which is amazing for bites and stings.

      In my fridge there dozens of herbs and a bottle of Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl and my Synthroid.

      Medicine is a great thing, there to be used. The sad thing is most of society abuses it.
      There was a time I was on over a dozen medications for Lupus. I am now in remission, but not from taking medications. I weaned myself off of them and now I have my herbs and vitamins and diet. If it hadn’t had worked I would probably still be taking the medicines, but I do believe in giving everything natural methods a good chance to work.

      No one should ever take a stance on medicine vs natural methods when they are giving out information or advice. Legal reasons.
      We are a country of law suits, especially in the medical field. Also the only person who should do that is the person taking care of you or your child who can see you in person and examine you. Every case is different. One child may be able to do herbs to take care of something and another may not.

      I had written the above with a tired misread thinking you asked why API does not take a stance. Been a long month and I am so very tired.

      Peace & Blessings,


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