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    So my husband and haven't been out on many dates in the last several years...we are just now getting back into "dating" again after years of being home every night for dinner and to put our kids to bed. It's been so nice, although I must say a bit different since the last time we dated! We have a new approach now; new topics to discuss & new priorities on our dates!

    Anyway, we're trying to make this a more regular occurence, and also trying to explain to our kids why we're going out without them. They totally understand the concept of family meetings since we have them all the time, so we told them we're going out for a Marriage Meeting. They seem to understand and be OK with this.

    And the more I thought about this, the more I realized that that was exactly what we're doing. Going out on regular dates now gives us a chance to connect as partners--in so many senses of the word. I especially love that we have a chance to touch base about our kids without a chance of them overhearing us. I'm realizing that I overheard a lot of my parents' thoughts & opinions of me when I was growing up, and it affected our relationship premanently, even today. So I know I am really careful of what/ when I say things to my husband about our kids.

    It's been nice in a lot of ways to have these "marriage meetings" as we refer to them! I guess I just wanted to share and was wondering if anyone else has favorite ways of connecting with their partners!

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    i love the term 'marriage meetings'. my husband and i just recently started going out on regular dates, too, and it's been a great way to reconnect and work on our relationship! i think it's a great way to display 'balance' to our children, too.