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  • The Self-Care Challenge

    How do you strive for balance in your life?

    Sonya Fehér writes about her personal journey in discovering just how invaluable following Attachment Parenting International's Eighth Principle of Personal and Family Balance is.

    “Besides kindness, I believe my body is asking me for attention, in the sense of needing to be attended to. My body has been asking for this since my son was born in November of 2006, maybe decades longer than that. Mostly, I have not answered the call.”
    Read more at: API members: Use the login provided to you in the Summer 2009 issue of The Attached Family magazine or contact

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    I have started working out again. I do DVDs at home and I've missed it. I haven't been able to do it because my son would stand in front of me and want to be picked up. Now he's getting better at entertaining himself while I exercise. Though the other day I did stop in the middle of a workout to read stories. It's something that is making me really happy right now and it's something I desperately need since I am now so out of shape. I still have to balance my son's needs while I do it though because he isn't completly accepting of mama taking some "me" time.


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      I have finally after 14mo. decided I am okay leaving the house for a while and I am taking a yoga class just for myself with a friend I met in my pre-natal yoga class. I get some much needed me time, especially since it's a type of yoga that is all about staying in relaxation for extended periods of time and focusing on breathing and yourself. I find I have so much more energy throughout the week now!