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    Hi all,

    I have a question for all you amazing moms out there. I recently went back to work (part time) after 14 glorious months of mat leave with my baby. DH has opted to work evenings so we can postpone putting him in daycare. So, DH takes care of him from wake-up until around 12:30 pm, then my MIL watches him until about 2:30 when I get back from work.

    I was so nervous at first about leaving him, as we were joined at the hip since birth and I like to think VERY attached. He hasn't even cried once about me not being there. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about that but of course I realize that I'd much rather he be happy and enjoying himself than miserable or anxious about our separation.

    Yesterday we went to a party with DH's side of the family and all day ALL he wanted was Daddy. Sometimes his grandmother but NEVER me. I felt so sad. I realize I may be overreacting but has anyone else experienced this? Did it pass?

    I know he has to grow up and I am happy he is developing loving relationships with other people, especially his dad, I just don't feel ready for our relationship to be altered in a permanent way.

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    sounds totally developmentally normal

    My sons have both gone through phases of seeming to prefer Daddy. Maybe at that party he felt like playing a particular game he plays with Daddy rather than you.

    These things fluctuate. You may find in a month or two or three that he clings to you and cries briefly every day when you leave for work. That is also totally normal for toddlers.

    It doesn't sound to me like you have any attachment issues going on.