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    I am looking for a pen pal, so to speak, that shares the same values concerning parenting as me (co-sleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding, etc). I am the first in my group of friends to have a baby so I really have no one to talk to, share tips and ideas with and just talk in general. Blogs are nice to read but its hard to form a connection with a blogger if you don't blog yourself. Forums like this are great for advice but sometimes it gets stagnant. I was a member of a local AP meetup group but it disbanded (no one, including myself, ever made it to meetup). There is another AP group about 40 minutes away but we are now a one car family so most of the time I don't have a way to get out and about. I have a VERY supportive husband but it would be nice to talk with another mom now and then.

    So if anyone out there is a SAHM like me and wants someone to exchange emails with, let me know!

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    I'm in Brazil, but would love to have an email pen pal. I am always looking for support - I am English, lived here for a year, but spent the previous 9 years in CA. My daughter is 2. If you're interested, my email is


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      I'm always happy to send e-mail's back and forth and talk about AP stuff, you would probably find that of most leaders. It's hard when you don't have the local support for the choices you are making. I'll send you my e-mail through personal message.


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        Hi there, I just joined API to read & connect with other people who are attached parents. It seems that it is more of a commitment than my friends that don't do it this way! But we believe that it's a great way ultimately. I have a 10-1/2 month old daughter & it would be great to email. Please let me know if you're still interested.