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  • Balancing

    I have a new baby girl (1 1/2 months old) and a 3 yr old. Our dd2 is another highneeds baby who only wants her mommy. My dh has tried to comfort her and help her get calmed but she generally wants nothing to do with him. Her cries become disturbing (with him or anyone else who tries to hold her). Therefore I wear her and sleep beside her 24/7. I rarely pass her off as she will remain calm with me, and when she becomes upset her cries never become disturbing. We had hoped to encourage dd2 to have a better relationship with her father than dd1. We are currently trying to get dd1 to have a better relationship because she is often saying things like "I don't want you, I want mommy". She's really a mommy's girl and doesn't enjoy getting snuggles from dh.

    I'm not sure how to deal with the fact dd2 doesn't want anything to do with dh either. I will say he is a very busy person. He works 40 hrs a week (shift work) and is currently attending university. When he's not doing those things he's generally helping me with chores I can't do around the house (yard work, laundry, etc). So realistically there's only a couple of hrs a day he's available for the girls and he does try his hardest to make them happy. I know he feels diappointed that they don't want anything to do with him. I would appreciate any suggestions you have on how I can get dd1 or dd2 to develop a better relationship with their father.