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Preschool Expectations of Me

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  • Preschool Expectations of Me

    My daughter is 3.5 she will start preschool in the Fall. I looked at a few preschools and found one that I felt very comfortable with, I am allowed to stay until she is ready for me to go, the first day we go all day together all the parents do. They have a philosophy that works so well for me as an AP parent. My daughter loved the school when we went to visit. It is a Cooperative school so the parents run the business end of things. Tonight I went to the business meeting, and one of the things the school does is through an annual Gala as a major fundraiser, it is an evening event and a pretty big to do. I was assigned to the committee that puts this together. I am stressed out and anxious because the obvious expectation is that you leave your kids for the evening. Which I have never left my kids for an evening with anyone other than my husband nor do I want to. Top it all off they are throwing this Gala the night of my 30th birthday.

    I love the curriculum and the teachers and director, but this Gala is seriously got me stressed out!

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    Hi mommypower!
    that is a bit unfortunate - a big even on your birthday... Is the expectation there that you have to attend the Gala after you helped to prepare for it? Do they know that it's your birthday?