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January 2010
We welcome the new year and new possibilities for doing more to support you and our community network of families!
If you're not familiar with API's free resources, be sure to check out all the resources on the API website on preparing for birth, the benefits of cosleeping, practicing positive discipline, and so much more. Find out how other families manage specific situations, get more personal support, or connect with AP families on the API Forum. Attend an API Support Group meeting or participate in October's AP Month. Get the API newsfeed and join in advocacy efforts. Read the API Links and Parenting This Week enewsletters and API Speaks blog. All of this is freely available to you and those you know who might benefit as well.
Quite familiar with AP and API? Bring your passion and consider volunteering for API, helping with local Support Groups, or becoming an accredited Leader.
API offers family memberships at only $35 a year, with a number of benefits, including quarterly issues of The Attached Family magazine--print, electronic, and the online weekly--special pricing on API Live Teleseminars, participation in the API Reads book club author chats, API Founders Parent Compass enewsletter, The Journal of API, and for a limited time, even a Mothering Magazine digital subscription. And a portion of your membership can benefit your local API Support Group! Consider joining today or giving a membership as a gift.
Enjoy these links on the power of bonding and the value of breastfeeding, three articles on your relationship with your youth, how you can still catch PBS' This Emotional Life, and other articles, as well as API's blog carnival, teleseminarbook club, membership special and more.

We hope to count on you to support API as we work to meet our budget needs right now for 2010 through our API Founders Appeal: Give to Change the Heart of Parenting. We need you to make a contribution now, and even make a pledge throughout the year, so please visit our campaign, and then spread the opportunity to help make a difference.
As API is committed to creating a more compassionate world, and as we as individuals celebrate the New Year and count our blessings, let us remember those families in Haiti who are suffering after the devastating earthquake this week. If you would like to help, please click here to see a list of organizations that are organizing relief and taking donations.

  Samantha Gray 
API Links for you...
Happy New Year 
The "feel-good" breastfeeding hormone, oxytocin, may do more than just make Mom feel good--it may protect baby from abuse and neglect. Learn more ...   
A new Norwegian study relating levels of testosterone to breastfeeding success has been hyped in the UK media, even though the study does not explain the large differences in breastfeeding rates between countries, with some having 99% of mothers successfully breastfeeding. UNICEF responds to the study, reminding all women and new parents of the many documented benefits of breastfeeding. Learn more ...
Affordable and safe, fish oil may help to prevent labor before 34 weeks. Learn more ...
What do you do when your child hits another kid? How do you handle it when the other child's parent is upset with the situation? Judy Arnall, author of Discipline without Distress and Canadian parenting educator, is back on The Attached Family online with six steps any parent can do when their child hits another parent's child. Read more ... (API members: Use the login provided to you in the Summer 2009 issue of The Attached Family magazine or contact API membership.) 
Check out last year's special edition celebrating API's 15th anniversary to see what all the excitement is about. Make being a member a New Year's Resolution! See the 15th Anniversary edition here ...
Are You a Member Looking for Your Latest Issue of The Attached Family?
Well, you'll look twice when you receive it! The fall and winter issues of The Attached Family are combined into a special double edition focused on positive discipline. Look for your copy in the mail (or e-mail) in the next few weeks.
Insecure infants grow up to be insecure adolescents, and later, insecure adults, researchers say. The benefits of attachment last through adolescence and beyond. Learn more ...
Over-controlling parents may be doing themselves a disservice. A new study has found that young people feel differently about two types of parental control, generally viewing a type of control that's thought to be better for their development more positively. However, when parents are very controlling, young people no longer make this distinction and view both types of parental control negatively. Learn more ...  
Are the relationships of today's teens and parents disconnected? Are parents realistic about their teens' lives? Do they need to be more involved ... more attached? Most American parents say their children are a healthy weight, have a good understanding of the value of a dollar, help out with chores at home, and shun sex at an early age and drug use. Read more ...
In the episode "Family, Friends, and Lovers," we meet a boy adopted from a Russian orphanage, whose story illustrates how a lack of attachment in infancy fundamentally shaped his ability to build relationships for years to come. Through his and others' stories, we achieve a better understanding of the importance of social connections and relationships. Learn more ...
Longer Duration of Breastfeeding May Aid Kids' Mental Health
Breastfeeding for six months or more may reduce issues, a study in The Journal of Pediatrics suggests. Learn more ...
API Membership and the Benefits of Mothering Magazine
Buy one membership and, in addition to all the great benefits, get a FREE one-year digital subscription to Mothering Magazine. Already a member? You can claim your gift digital subscription to Mothering Magazine as your gift from API and Mothering too--watch for your notice! Learn more ... 
API Live Download Featuring AP Experts--Available Now!
The API Live Think Tank Event Teleseminar informs, uplifts, reflects, and imagines--you won't want to miss it ... featuring the AP experts: Sears, Sears, McKenna, Cahill, Fox, Gaskin, Nicholson, and Parker, along with host Lu Hanessian. Get your copy ... And see some highlights of the 15th anniversary here... 
Join the carnival! API Speaks, the blog of Attachment Parenting International, will be hosting a series of monthly blog carnivals this year. These carnivals will center on API's Principles of Parenting. Interested? Here's the schedule:
Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting
Submission deadline:  February 12
Carnival date:  February 19
Feed with Love and Respect
Submission deadline:  March 12
Carnival date: March 19
Respond with Sensitivity
Submission deadline:  April 9
Carnival date:  April 16
Use Nurturing Touch
Submission deadline:  May 14
Carnival date:  May 21
Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
Submission deadline:  June 11
Carnival date: June 18
Provide Consistent and Loving Care
Submission deadline:  July 9
Carnival date:  July 16
Practice Positive Discipline
Submission deadline:  August 13
Carnival date:  August 20
Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life
Submission deadline:  September 10
Carnival Date: September 17
October is Attachment Parenting Month so we'll be hosting an AP Month-themed carnival during October.  Details will follow as
AP Month 2010 nears.
For the months of January and February we will be discussing the book The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett. Did you hear her teleseminar,  "I Adore My Kids... So Why Am I So Unhappy?" 
Making Sense of Parental Depression with Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett? Join us in the discussion at the forums... or through our new Yahoo Group... 
Bring API to your community, and we'll help and support you. Start the year off by connecting with parents like you. Read more ...
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