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February 2010



A Valentine for Supporter from API:

"...the love you give will come back to you in more ways than you can imagine for generations to come."

Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker in Attached at the Heart*

February's API Links connects you to exciting attachment parenting news, research, opportunities, encouragement, and all that is new at Attachment Parenting International. You'll want to check it all out, but be sure not to miss the new research that hopes to identify babies at risk for SIDS, Love on API Live with a February 22 marriage teleseminar, a cheap and easy but effective method of helping children's behavior and learning in the classroom, a handy AP checklist for those times when your child seems a little "off," a way to find out if your child is an orchid, and where you can catch up with the API Founders and Attached at the Heart authors.

This month we welcome another new Leader--this one across the globe! Welcome, Nilufer Devecigil, API of Dogal Ebeveyn, Turkey.

API's 2009 Founders' Appeal, "Give to Change the Heart of Parenting," comes to a close with this edition of API Links. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Art Yuen, our volunteer Development Coordinator, for all of her extraordinary creativity and hard work leading this annual appeal campaign, and the Development Team and all those who supported this effort. From the benefits of cosleeping to how the investment in attachment parenting pays off now and later, API's campaign was our way of expressing the value of attachment parenting and API and saying we really cannot do it without you.

We thank each of you who have given and who plan to make a gift. There's no doubt--giving is down this year and, as some have expressed, they want to do more but just cannot. API looks to you to step in and make a pledge or consider giving more if possible.

We believe this mission is vital--that's why so many of us live out attachment parenting in our lives, and why so many of us volunteer our time with API and contribute financially as well.

We hope that our messages have touched you and speak to you about what we believe so deeply that you would consider making a gift of $10, $15, or more today. Your gift to API is always welcome and appreciated, and giving at this time helps API meet its budget plans. You can see API's 2009 Annual Report to learn more about initiatives you can support and API's lean operations and amazing network.

Please help API change the heart of parenting for the sake of parents, children, our community, and our world. Let's tell everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!

*And be sure to visit Attached at the Heart's pages 252 through 254 for ideas on connecting with your Valentine.


Samantha Gray

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Help--Not Hinder--Haiti
Learn how not donating to the Red Cross could save someone's life. If you want a way to involve your children and have goods to donate, rather consider Habitat for Humanity's ReStores, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross stores in the U.K. and Australia, all raising needed funds to support Haiti. Learn more ...

Breastfeeding Is the First Line of Defense in a Disaster
During an emergency, breastfeeding mothers provide their infants with safe food and water and disease protection that maximize their chances of survival. The Human Milk Banking Association of North America, United States Breastfeeding Committee, International Lactation Consultant Association/United States Lactation Consultant Association, and La Leche League International strongly affirm the importance of breastfeeding in emergency situations, and call on relief workers and health-care providers serving victims of disasters to protect, promote, and support mothers to breastfeed their babies. Read more ...

Your Baby's Risk of SIDS May Be Linked to the Brain's Serotonin Levels
Babies who die from sudden infant death syndrome make low amounts of the message-carrying brain chemical serotonin, needed to regulate sleep, breathing, and heart rate. Abnormal levels of serotonin may hamper an infant's breathing, especially in challenging situations, such as breathing in too much exhaled carbon dioxide while sleeping face down. The finding may help identify babies at risk for SIDS, which each year kills more than 2,300 babies before their first birthday. Learn more ...

API Loveline with Dr. Laura Markham on Marriage and Parenting
API Live becomes API Loveline when Dr. Laura Markham joins us the evening of February 22 to talk about marriage and parenting--and you can email your questions. You don't have to be a member to register, but members listen in and receive the recording for only $9! Watch for more information in your inbox on this API Live Teleseminar. Save this link to register soon...

Michelle Obama Urged to Speak Out for Breastfeeding
Michelle Obama breastfed both her daughters, and advocates are hoping she will use the platform of her anti-obesity campaign to promote breastfeeding and share her own experiences. Read more …

Catch up with API - API Founders in Your Area...
Lysa Parker is in Sacramento on Saturday, February 13, at Barnes and Noble at noon for a fundraiser for Crisis Nurseries, February 18 and 19 Lysa and Barbara Nicholson are signing books at the University of North Texas Parenting Center Conference, February 25 they are at the CIMS Conference, and February 27 they are in San Antonio for a book signing at Barnes and Noble. In March,
Board President Janet Jendron is in Charlotte, NC, presenting at the LLL Conference. In April, you can catch up with Lysa and Barbara in Los Angeles, and later that month in Nashville attending Infant Massage training. Check out these book signings, as well as conferences and trainings you can register for now. Read more …

Moms Influence How Children Develop Advanced Cognitive Functions
The ways moms act when they're playing and solving puzzles with their babies can explain some of the differences in their children's development of executive functioning--such as the ability to control impulses, remember things, and show mental flexibility--that help us plan and monitor what we do to reach goals. Learn more ...

Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School
Can something as simple as the timing of recess make a difference in a child's health and behavior? Some experts think it can, and now some schools are rescheduling recess--sending students out to play before they sit down for lunch. The switch appears to have led to some surprising changes in both cafeteria and classroom. Read more ...

The Playgroup Altercation, Part 2: When Your Child Is the Victim
Judy Arnall, Canadian author of Discipline without Distress, returns with her second part in the two-part series on handling the playgroup altercation--this time, your child is the victim and the other parent isn't sympathetic. With API membership read more ...

Siblings Play Formative, Influential Role as "Agents of Socialization"
What we learn from our siblings when we grow up has--for better or for worse--a considerable influence on our social and emotional development as adults. Learn more ...

Attachment Parenting 101: The Troublesome Times Checklist
When kids suddenly seem different--especially more difficult--than usual, use this checklist to see if you can figure out why. Read more ...

Cool - Raising Kids May Lower Blood Pressure
A new study has found a link between parenthood, especially mothers, and lower blood pressure. Learn more ...

The Orchid Gene
Most of us have genes that make us as hardy as dandelions: able to take root and survive almost anywhere. A few of us, however, are more like the orchid: fragile and fickle, but capable of blooming spectacularly if given greenhouse care. So holds a provocative new theory of genetics, which asserts that the very genes that give us the most trouble as a species, causing behaviors that are self-destructive and antisocial, also underlie humankind's phenomenal adaptability and evolutionary success. With a bad environment and poor parenting, orchid children can end up depressed, drug-addicted, or in jail--but with the right environment and good parenting, they can grow up to be society's most creative, successful, and happy people. Read more ...

Are You Missing the Articles Everyone's Talking about from The Attached Family Magazine? The latest issue was a double issue about positive discipline--find out for yourself what everyone's talking about! Take the plunge and become a member. See what you're missing! See the 15th Anniversary edition here ...

Become an API Member and Receive a Free Teleseminar and an Online Dedication! Buy one membership and, in addition to all the great benefits, get a teleseminar--PLUS a dedication to be displayed online in The Attached Family! Learn more ...

Join Us for API's 2010 Blog Carnival Starting This Month! Are you a blogger? Join the carnival! API Speaks, Attachment Parenting International's blog, begins its series of blog carnivals this month. These carnivals will center on API's Principles of ParentingInterested? Here's the schedule:

February: Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting
(Deadline for submission: 02-12; Carnival date: 02-19)

March: Feed with Love and Respect
(Deadline for submission: 03-12; Carnival date: 03-19)

April: Respond with Sensitivity
(Deadline for submission: 04-09; Carnival date: 04-16)

May: Use Nurturing Touch
(Deadline for submission: 05-14; Carnival date: 05-21)

June: Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
(Deadline for submission: 06-11; Carnival date: 06-18)

July: Provide Consistent and Loving Care
(Deadline for submission: 07-09; Carnival date: 07-16)

August: Practice Positive Discipline
(Deadline for submission: 08-13; Carnival date: 08-20)

September: Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life
(Deadline for submission: 09-10; Carnival date: 09-17)

October: October is Attachment Parenting Month so we'll be hosting an AP Month-themed carnival this month.  Details will follow as
AP Month 2010 nears.

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