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Oxytocin--the "Love" Hormone--May Help Autism Symptoms
The hormone thought to encourage bonding between mothers and their babies may foster social behavior in some adults with autism. Read more ...

Autism's Earliest Symptoms Aren't Evident in Children under 6 Months
A study of the development of autism in infants has found that the nascent symptoms of the condition only become apparent during the later part of the first year of life. Read more ...

Mom's Lifestyle in Early Pregnancy Affects Baby's Size
The bottom line for women is that it's important to go to the doctor before getting pregnant to find out what steps to take to ensure that you're in the best shape possible before you get pregnant, such as quitting smoking and taking folic acid supplements.

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Multiple Risk Factors Existed in 78 Percent of SIDS Cases
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome continues to be the third leading cause of infant death. Researchers have identified that more than 96% of infants who died of SIDS were exposed to known risk factors, among them sleeping on their side or stomach, or exposure to tobacco smoke, and that 78% of SIDS cases contained multiple risk factors. Learn more ... 

Naps Help Babies Learn and Retain New Information
We all know how important our baby's sleep is. Now psychologists have found that infants need adequate sleep, including regular naps, in order to effectively learn about the new world they live in. Learn more ... 

The API Infant Sleep Safety Brochure
Take a look at your infant's sleep environment and make sure it is as safe as you can make it. API offers guidelines to help. Learn more ... 

Being There--Be There to Catch All the Discussion
Come join us in our discussion for the months of March and April as we read Being There: The Benefits Of A Stay-At-Home Parent by Dr. Isabelle Fox. We look forward to reading with you.
Read with us ... 

Good Parenting Triumphs over Prenatal Stress
A mother's nurture may provide powerful protection against risks her baby faces in the womb. Fetuses exposed to high levels of the stress hormone cortisol--shown to be a harbinger for babies' poor cognitive development--can escape this fate if their mothers provide them sensitive care during infancy and toddlerhood. The negative link disappears almost entirely if the mother forges a secure connection with her baby.
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When Your Kids Push Your Buttons
LISTEN IN as Lu Hanessian moderates a lively and revealing conversation with API co-founder Barbara Nicholson and parenting specialist Bonnie Harris about what's really behind the reactivity and power struggles with our kids.
   The call will take place on March 22 at 9PM EST / 6PM PST. Submit your questions for Bonnie Harris to API Live in advance and we will try to address them during the call. Register now...

Children Turn to Adults for Learning Rules Rather Than Their Peers
Young children prefer to learn from adults rather than other children, and they'll accept adult's behaviour as being right. This could have implications for wider social learning of both good and bad behavior.
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Gordon Neufeld Talks about Collecting, Nurturing, and Bridging
Parents don't need "tricks" to get their children to behave. What they need is their child's heart. Gordon Neufeld, co-author of Hold on to Your Kids, speaks to parents. Read more ... 

Infant Deaths Prompt CPSC Warning about Sling Carriers for Babies
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is advising parents to be cautious when using infant slings for babies younger than four months of age. Learn more about the CPSC warning ...  See API's statement on babywearing as well as helpful sling safety resources...

Little Touches Do Mean So Much
If a high five or its equivalent can in fact enhance performance, on the field or in the office, that may be because it reduces stress. A warm touch seems to set off the release of oxytocin, a hormone that helps create a sensation of trust, and to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Learn more ...  

The Attached Family Is Seeing Double Double
The latest issue was a double issue about positive discipline--find out for yourself what everyone's talking about! Take the plunge and become a member. See what you're missing! See the 15th Anniversary edition here ...

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"I was Spanked, and I'm Fine!"
Why Timeout as a Punishment Doesn't Work
AP with the Double-Digit Child (10+ years old)
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Stay Connected with Your Grown Children: An interview with grandmother Ruth Nemzoff
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Logged On, Checked Out... of Relationships?
Advances in technology have made it so that teens can go online, play video games and even watch TV from almost anywhere. Yet, does all of this improvement in access come with a cost? One study shows that adolescents who spend more time watching TV or playing video games were more likely to report lower quality relationships compared with those who logged less screen time.
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The Teen Brain: It's Just Not Grown Up Yet
Scientists used to think human brain development was pretty complete by age 10--"just an adult brain with fewer miles on it." But it's not. To begin with, a crucial part of the brain--the frontal lobes--are not fully connected. Really.
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N.Y. Chef Earns Fans and Critics With Cheese Made from Human Breastmilk
"Mommy's Milk Cheese" is exactly what it sounds like: cheese made from the breastmilk of a nursing mother.
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An Emotion Detector for Baby
Here's a gadget that attached parents probably won't need.... Baby monitors of the future could translate infant cries, so that parents will know for certain whether their child is sleepy, hungry, needing a change, or in pain. Japanese scientists have developed a statistical computer program that can analyze a baby's crying.
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Join Us for API's 2010 Blog Carnival! Are you a blogger? Join the carnival! API Speaks, Attachment Parenting International's blog, begins its series of blog carnivals. These carnivals will center on API's Principles of Parenting. Interested? Here's the schedule:

April: Respond with Sensitivity
(Deadline for submission: 04-09; Carnival date: 04-16)

May: Use Nurturing Touch
(Deadline for submission: 05-14; Carnival date: 05-21)

June: Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
(Deadline for submission: 06-11; Carnival date: 06-18)

July: Provide Consistent and Loving Care
(Deadline for submission: 07-09; Carnival date: 07-16)

August: Practice Positive Discipline
(Deadline for submission: 08-13; Carnival date: 08-20)

September:Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life
(Deadline for submission: 09-10; Carnival date: 09-17)

October: October is Attachment Parenting Month so we'll be hosting an AP Month-themed carnival this month.  Details will follow as AP Month 2010 nears.

Dear Supporter,

Attachment Parenting is often closely associated with the practices of cosleeping and babywearing -- wonderful, beneficial practices. API urges families to be informed about infant and child safety, and learn all they can so they can sleep with and wear their children as safely as possible. Please visit API's Infant Sleep Safety Guidelines community kit, and the API resources and links on babywearing.

Your March API Links is about the super power of parenting -- with  links on the strength of love for autism symptoms, how the leaps for good health by mom are good for baby, the extrasensory power of responding with sensitivity that prevails over the effects of stress, how parents outdistance children's peers when it comes to learning, and so much more.

API Links is fortunate to gain the super powers of Camille North as editor! Camille is an Attached Parent of a preteen, a tween, and a teen and lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband of 15 years. She now fills her days with homeschooling, but in her pre-mom life, she was an editor for several scholarly publishers after earning her master's degree in biopsychology. When she's not making plasma in the microwave or driving her kids to science team, she occasionally blogs on API Speaks and on TheEclecticMom. blogspot.com.

This month we are pleased to announce two new API Leaders--Kristy Kempf from Lake County API, Illinois, and Theresa Lafleche from Vancouver API, Canada. We appreciate our Leaders so much. Welcome!

We also would like to welcome our newest Professional Associate Member--Jackie Georgiou, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, and Doula from
Las Vegas, Nevada. Find out more about her at www.wellroundedmomma.com.

Thank you for being a part of the API community, supporting each other and, in each of our ways, work to create a new normal for parenting. We welcome your comments and suggestions, so please stay in touch!


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