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API Appreciates Its Volunteers!
Watch for a special publication on Volunteer Appreciation Week that will feature a few of API's many dedicated volunteers and take a look at volunteering. And THANK YOU to you--as you volunteer with API every day--whether telling people about Attachment Parenting, sending families to the API Forum or to an API Support Group for support, or forwarding API publications, such as this one.

April Is Autism Awareness Month!
Check out
The Attached Family homepage to read about interviews with Dr. Robert Sears and Leisa Hammett of the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee--and to find out what else is going on at API for Autism Awareness month.

New Treatment for Social Problems in Autism? Oxytocin Improves Emotion Recognition
Oxytocin--good for more than breastfeeding! In a new study, adolescents with autism spectrum disorders improved their emotion recognition when they received oxytocin spray.

API Live--Dr. Bob Sears on Autism (and Special Offer!)
Don't miss API LIVE on April 26th when Lu Hanessian and Lysa Parker talk with Dr. Bob Sears about an issue that affects 1 in 110 children in this country: autism.  Dr. Sears will talk in depth about autism and share insights from his new book The Autism Book: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Early Detection, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention.
SPECIAL OFFER!  The tenth person to register will receive a FREE copy of Dr. Sears' new book and a book by Leisa Hammet will be given away during the program.

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month Too!
The spotlight this month is designed to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect and encourage individuals and communities to support children and families.    

Spanking Sparks Aggression, Does Little to Reduce Behavior Problems
Researchers looked at practices and perceptions of discipline in six countries and found that spanking leads to more child aggression and anxiety, regardless of the country. "It may be that the long-term investments that we make in children, like spending time with them, showing that we love them and listening to them, have a more powerful positive effect on behavior than any form of discipline," said one researcher. Huh. You don't say.

Early Child-Parent Attachment Affects Behavior, Especially for Boys
A new analysis concludes that children, especially boys, who are insecurely attached to their mothers in the early years have more behavior problems later in childhood. "The results suggest that the effects of attachment are reliable and relatively persistent over time," notes the study's lead author. "More specifically, children who seem unable to maintain a coherent strategy for coping with separation are at greatest risk for later behavior problems and aggression."

Breastfeeding Saves Lives and Money
The lives of nearly 900 babies would be saved each year, along with billions of dollars, if 90 percent of U.S. women breastfed their babies for the first six months of life, a cost analysis says.

USBC Applauds Workplace Breastfeeding Support Provision in Health Care Reform
The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) applauds the passage of the workplace breastfeeding support provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The provision states that employers shall provide reasonable, unpaid break time and a private, non-bathroom place for an employee to express breastmilk for her nursing child for one year after the child's birth.

API's Silent Auction Is Coming in October!
Did you get two slings at your baby shower and need a worthy place to donate the extra? Are you an artisan willing to donate something unique? API has the answer! What about donating a few hours of your professional expertise? You'll make an AP parent very happy and promote your business at the same time!
Get your creative juices going now and details will follow...

Cesarean Delivery Is Up ... Again
In 2007, the cesarean rate was the highest ever reported in the United States. Cesarean births cost about twice and much as non-surgical deliveries and often are unnecessary, some experts say. Read the
CDC report to see the figures.

Check out Our Store!
Visit our
online store today to find many fantastic resources to support you and your family on your AP journey.  We have recently added two new booksThe Baby Bond by Linda Folden Palmer explores specific ways for parents to connect naturally with their child while developing a strong and healthy family.  Secondly, Amy Hatkoff's book, You Are My World: How a Parent's Love Shapes a Baby's Mind, presents the latest research pertaining to the impact relationships have on a baby's development. Dr. Bob Sears The Autism Book will be available soon too. These books are just the newest examples of quality Attachment Parenting products available for purchase through the API Store. Please stop by today!

Obesity Risks Start before Birth
Prenatal, infancy, and early-childhood factors all may affect a person's future weight and health.

Family Mealtimes Help Children with Asthma Breathe Easier, Study Says
Children who have asthma are at high risk for separation anxiety, but a new study has found a home remedy that parents can use--regular family mealtimes. 

Exploration in Toddlers Activated by Fathers
A new study has found that fathers give toddlers more leeway and that allows them to actively explore their environments, according to a new study on parent-child attachment.

Being There ... Be Here! Discuss This Month's Book
Come join us in our discussion as we read Being There: The Benefits Of A Stay-At-Home Parent by Dr. Isabelle Fox. We look forward to reading with you!

And in May--Don't Miss Our Discussion on Attached at the Heart - Get Your Copy On Sale!
We celebrate a year of being attached at the heart, and we just want to talk about it! If you've read it, you understand. If you haven't, get your copy now--on sale, and be sure to join us!

Motherhood Appears to Protect against Suicides
Motherhood appears to protect against suicide, with increasing numbers of children associated with decreasing rates of death from suicide, found a new article.

The Sadness of Reactive Attachment Disorder
The tragic case of the Tennessee family who returned their adopted son to Russia has been splashed across every headline. A challenging situation for all involved, giving us all the more resolve to make a difference for children and parents.

Free Replacement of SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo Baby Carriers
Infantino commits to working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on its ongoing investigation of sling-style baby carriers. Be sure to check out Mothering's award-winning reprint of
Babywearing 101 to make sure you're wearing your baby safely!

The "Blues" Can Surprise Even Adoptive Parents
The unmet or unrealistic expectations adoptive parents often have is a recurring theme in postadoption depression, according to new research.

Just for Fun ... 

Babies Are Born to Dance
A study of infants finds they respond to the rhythm and tempo of music and find it more engaging than speech. Babies may be born with a predisposition to move rhythmically in response to music, and the better the children were able to synchronize their movements with the music, the more they smiled.

Generation B:  A Father-Daughter Bond, Page by Page, Year after Year
A single father turns shared reading into a shared language and tradition with his daughter.

Mother Birds Know Best--Even before Birth
Mother birds communicate with their developing chicks before they even hatch by leaving them messages in the egg, new research has found.   

Join Us for API's 2010 Blog Carnival!
Are you a blogger? Join the carnival! API Speaks, Attachment Parenting International's blog, begins its series of blog carnivals. These carnivals will center on API's Principles of Parenting. Interested? Here's the schedule:

May Use Nurturing Touch
(Deadline for submission: 05-14; Carnival date: 05-21)

June: Ensure Safe Sleep, Physically and Emotionally
(Deadline for submission: 06-11; Carnival date: 06-18)

July: Provide Consistent and Loving Care
(Deadline for submission: 07-09; Carnival date: 07-16)

August: Practice Positive Discipline
(Deadline for submission: 08-13; Carnival date: 08-20)

September: Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life
(Deadline for submission: 09-10; Carnival date: 09-17)

October: October is Attachment Parenting Month so we'll be hosting an AP Month-themed carnival this month.  Details will follow as AP Month 2010 nears.

Dear Supporter,

I'm thrilled to be editing Links, which feeds my passion for gathering useful information and passing it along to others. API has played such a supportive role in my parenting journey that I'm honored to be given this opportunity to contribute.

And what a perfect month for me to take on this role! This month's links are confirming that which all of us know--that Attachment Parenting is the best thing we can do for our children, our families, and ourselves. This "new" news may be old news to us AP parents, but I'm gratified to see that the rest of the world is catching on.

How reassuring to have the research back up our choices, especially during those times when we feel we're swimming against the mainstream parenting tide. Whether it's our decision not to spank, our commitment to breastfeed, or our promise to develop a secure bond with our children--the research supports us.

Recently, you've seen some changes with Links--a fresh look, an easier format, more accessible links … and a few things "just for fun" at the bottom of the newsletter. We'll be rolling out some new changes in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out!

This month we're excited to announce two new API Leaders--Ingrid Prosch from API of Oslo, Norway, and Rachel Israel of API of Merrimack Valley, New Hamphire. We value our Leaders--they're essential in helping API change the world for the better. Welcome!

We also
are delighted to announce a new support group--Rita Brhel's own Healthy Farm Families API, of Nebraska

Please let us know what you like and what you don't about Links

Camille North

Mother's Day Dedication Specials Available Soon!

Mother's Day is May 9th this year--let API help you remember and honor all the special mothers in your life by sending them one of API's exclusive gift packages including customizable, published dedications.

Visit API's online store to participate in this special program and check our Mother's Day page at the beginning of May and API Links special May issue to see your dedication listed!

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