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"I really hope I get a tie for Father's Day," said no man ever. Tools, grilling accessories, "World's Best Dad" mugs … are those any better?

What is this day really about? It's to honor the fathers in our lives, right?

This year, instead of honoring the act of fathering that the men in our lives do for their own children, I'd like to honor those fathers who have led us to where we are. The men - fathers, grandfathers, uncles, godfathers, brothers, neighbors - who had an impact on how we now parent.

For all those fathers ... the ones who bounced us, who hugged our boo-boos away, who cuddled and snuggled ... for those who carried us on their shoulders, who who picked us up when we fell, who learned how to braid hair, who showed us how to tie a rope or push a lawnmower ... and yes, even for those who were a bit distant, who spoke with an edge to their voice, or who perhaps even were neglectful ... for every father who had an impact on your life ... he led you to where you are today.

We can't know what went through his mind, what demons he battled, what scars he nursed, what his role models were … no matter what his history, and yours, he guided you, at least in part, to this place. This part of your life where you can be the best parent to your own children. He played some role in showing you what you want for your children, and perhaps what you don't (which sometimes is even more important).

Let's honor the influence of our fathers - in whatever form he took - for the path that he journeyed with you and for the part that he contributed to your life now as a parent: an attached parent, one whose goal is what's best for your children.

Here's to you, Dad/Pop/Daddy/Father/Papa. Thanks for leading us on this path that enabled us to be the best parents that we can be.

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- brain growth in breastfed babies;
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- why women fail to meet their breastfeeding goals; and
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Editor's Picks

Fathers Should Ask Kids: "Am I the Dad You Need Me to Be?"
As Father's Day draws near, one psychologist says dads should ask their children for a little more feedback than they might get with the yearly greeting card.

Breastfeeding Helps Mum's Heart
Breastfeeding is not only good for baby but also good for mums, with a new study by the University of Western Sydney finding breastfeeding reduces the chances of mums developing high blood pressure even decades later.

Clinical Lactation's Special Issue on CIO and Sleep Training
This month's special issue of Clinical Lactation (Volume 4, Issue 2) is a great resource for crying-it-out and sleep-training issues. It includes articles on the harms of sleep training, ways to calm a crying baby, why CIO is bad for babies, and how to bring parents back into the decision making. 

API and Research Community Find Anti-Bedsharing Recommendations Unsupported
The emotional and physical welfare of infants is API's mission, and API celebrates the efforts and research aimed at reducing and eliminating SIDS/SUDS. The Carpenter et. al. (2013) analysis attempts an important review, but lacks sufficient data to support the very misleading headlines. Read on for API's response...

Got Milk? Our Breastfeeding Habits Are Older Than You Think
Babies' milk teeth carry their early food history, and this record remains stable for tens of thousands of years. We know at least six months of exclusive breastfeeding is the best start to a baby’s life. What’s amazing is it seems ancient hominids knew that too.

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