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API Links July 2009

We spend so much energy worrying about the future...but...

What about investing in right now?

How can we use the moment to make an impact for tomorrow?

Inherent to attachment parenting is optimism
A continual attempt to meet infants, children, and adults at their deeper needs, showing empathy and understanding.
Looking beyond the surface. 

Not perfect parents by any measure, but we persist at learning and growing because we know attachment parenting works.
What does that mean? API has consistently shown the difference of experiencing life with secure attachments.

Unmet Needs

Unmet needs abound in our neighborhood--distressed, abused, neglected children, disengaged children, violent children, unloved children. Where is their HOPE? How can we speak to a detached culture about the wonder, value, and necessity of nurturing our attachments?

Of course, it is not easy to parent with our current cultural and economic pressures and stresses. Juxtapose that against the new knowledge and insights about child development. There is indeed a huge chasm between the those who see the benefits on healthy attachment and those who have not yet recognized them.

Healthy Alternatives

Parenting does take time and effort--and continual support, whether from a spouse, family, friends, or a group like API Support Groups. It's only through support that we can sustain each other through the challenges and distractions. Just ask yourself, how much better parent am I because of the support and information around me?

API has a mission to better the welfare of children and parents, and society. API is tasked to let all parents know there are alternatives to shaming and intimidating our community's children through dominating approaches that have been proven to shut our children down emotionally and disconnect us.

Make an Impact

At every economic and educational level, it's each parent's choice to break away from these tactics, yet many well-intentioned parents and professionals are...unaware, reject alternatives, or don't fully comprehend the extensive research and practice behind attachment parenting. 

Once we, as parents, do understand, parenting with attachment at the core of all we do becomes a commitment that's hard to sustain without consistent support.

We are working very hard to support families practicing AP and who are already creating a legacy of change with their children--and we are working daily to introduce AP to families.

We want to make an impact now for many more families and share what is key to a sustainable legacy for our children.  


API has engaged some of the best minds on parenting on August 29th, 2009, in an incredible event that will celebrate the legacy these parenting authorities have given us...and together forge thinking to reach more families. 

We invite you to join us in the discussion on:
  • Examining our strategies for increasing secure attachments
  • The best ways to help sustain a family's compassionate parenting in challenging, stressful times
  • Continuing the movement to have a culture that respects and includes children, including media, custody, and separation issues
  • Supporting API Leaders with tools, training, and encouragement to be on the front lines in educating and supporting families 
  • Leveraging our network to welcome non-violence and positive parenting in our schools, communities, and media
  • Helping 'hard-to-reach' families with parenting resources and skills
  • Learning to tell our stories, see ourselves, and correct misunderstandings about attachment parenting
  • And more...
We hope you will help us let others know about this event by simply forwarding a copy of this e-newsletter.

We believe parents everywhere can enjoy and experience deep peace in their parenting and their relationships with their children--and communities will experience the lasting difference, too. A great way to live...together.


Samantha Gray
Executive Director
Attachment Parenting International
Free to Parent
Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

CCFC LogoThe Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) has organized to give a voice to speak against commercial radio on school buses, violent movies, fast food alliances with a popular yellow sponge, and much more.

Check out the range of CCFC issues that relate to API's Principles of Parenting: from feeding with love and marketing and issues of obesity; balance and values, stress, and commercialization of infant products, play, schools, and so on; respect and body image; and much more. Larn what you can do.
"The CCFC is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups, parents, and individuals with a mission to reclaim childhood from corporate marketers.
A marketing-driven media culture sells children on behaviors and values driven by the need to promote profit rather than the public good. The commercialization of childhood is the link between many of the most serious problems facing children, and society, today. 
Childhood obesity, eating disorders, youth violence, sexualization, family stress, underage alcohol and tobacco use, rampant materialism, and the erosion of children's creative play are all exacerbated by advertising and marketing. When children adopt the values that dominate commercial culture--dependence on the things we buy for life satisfaction, a "me first" attitude, conformity, impulse buying, and unthinking brand loyalty--the health of democracy and sustainability of our planet are threatened. CCFC works for the rights of children to grow up--and the freedom for parents to raise them--without being undermined by commercial interests."
Parenting this Week
New articles every week, and more
API's Parenting This WeekWe wanted to make The Attached Family magazine twice as long, to offer you lots of meaty reading on parenting principles, all the way from one to eight. We got our wish and it's not only longer, but more dynamic with links, and updates every week! The Attached Family online magazine is your extension of The Attached Family magazine. We don't want you to miss a new article, so we're letting you know when a new set "hits the stand."
Parenting This Week, a new weekly API enewsletter, briefs you on latest The Attached Family online articles as well as the weekly happenings at API. We hope you enjoy this special publication, bringing you articles like:
  • Diverting Anger in Toddlers - With toddlerhood comes tantrums. While some parents are taken by surprise by the seemingly violent appearance of a child raised in a non-violent home, it is a perfectly natural rite of passage for any child. The reasons behind it are simple: lots of emotions with little logic. 
  • Regain Control of Your Teen - Has your teenager stopped listening to you?
  • Name Your Baby the AP Way - Perhaps no activity can consume as much of an expectant couple's time and energy as choosing a name for their baby.
  • The Basics of Bottle Nursing - We have been contacted by many parents and caregivers who want to incorporate the most loving behaviors into their feeding practices with their babies.
  • A Resource for Parents of Picky Eaters - Five years ago, I had very firm ideas about childhood nutrition.
Be sure to take advantage of the current membership special to get the log-on information to The Attached Family online articles.
API Links will continue to bring you more news in attachment parenting each month, along with the latest happenings at API.
The Attached Family
  The Attached Family magazineAPI's magazine, The Attached Family, is offering two bonus issues this year--above and beyond its regular four print issues and weekly ezine at TheAttachedFamily.com, in celebration of its 15th anniversary.
Special 15th Anniversary Observation edition- is available now! This issue is shining the spotlight on API Co-founders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker's new book, Attached at the Heart, the culmination of all that they have learned in the past 15 years at the helm of API...plus the years when the idea of API was still forming.
Ina May Gaskin
Register now for the July 27th API Live! Teleseminar
Ina May Gaskin
"Special Delivery": The Gift of Loving Your Best Birth (and Making Peace with Plan B) with Ina May Gaskin on July 27
Join us as we talk with Ina May Gaskin on API Live!
Register now and listen in as API Co-Founder and co-author of Attached at the Heart Barbara Nicholson and former NBC anchor Lu Hanessian discuss natural birthing with Ina May Gaskin. They will delve into:
  • Knowing your body and your rights;
  • How to have your baby with no regrets;
  • What you won't hear in your birthing classes;
  • Why we get stuck in the perfect portrait of birth and how it's not our true goal;
  • Why things don't always turn out the way we wanted them to (and that's OK too);
  • and MORE!

Submit your questions for Ina May at API Live in advance and we will try to address them during the call.

You can support API's mission and take advantage of the knowledge and experience Ask API Live's special guest by signing up today. Every dollar of your sign up fee goes toward education, support, and outreach for parents in need. And don't worry about last minute conflicts--everyone who signs up will receive a link to download the MP3 the week after the event.
About Ina May Gaskin
Ina May Gaskin, MA, CPM, is founder and director of the Farm Midwifery Center, located near Summertown, Tennessee. Founded in 1971, by 1996, the Farm Midwifery Center had handled more than 2200 births, with remarkably good outcomes. Ms. Gaskin herself has attended more than 1200 births. She is author of Spiritual Midwifery and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. For twenty-two years she published Birth Gazette, a quarterly covering health care, childbirth and midwifery issues. She has lectured all over the world at midwifery conferences and at medical schools, both to students and to faculty. She was President of Midwives' Alliance of North America from 1996 to 2002. In 1997, she received the ASPO/Lamaze Irwin Chabon Award and the Tennessee Perinatal Association Recognition Award. In 2003 she was chosen as Visiting Fellow of Morse College, Yale University.
After purchase, you will get an email with the dial-in details for this exciting edition of API Live. Within a few days of the call, you will get an email with the link to download the MP3.
The best deal? API Members always attend at a special rate of only $9! Even better, memberships are 15% off!

After purchase, you will get an email with the dial-in details for this exciting edition of API Live. Within a few days of the call, you will get an email with the link to download the MP3.
Dr. William Sears
MP3 download available now
 "Needs versus Wants"
API Co-Founders and co-authors of Attached at the Heart Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson discuss attachment parenting with Dr. Sears and they delve into:
  • Needs in infancy: Why fulfilling infant needs is critical for healthy attachment;
  • Meeting a child's needs and deciphering wants in toddlerhood:  Why parents get confused and anxious about this transition;
  • Understanding how meeting a child's wants is really coming from our own unconscious 'needs';
  • Exploring the real dynamics behind permissive parenting;
  • and MORE!
You can support API's mission and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Ask API Live's special guest by signing up today. Every dollar of your sign-up fee goes toward education, support, and outreach for parents in need.
Your API Book Club
Connection Parenting going on now - see what's being said...
 Connection Parenting ...make a post or two and join in the discussion, it will be over soon!
For the months of August and September, API Reads will be reading the book Sleeping with Your Baby by Dr. James McKenna.
Sleeping with Your Baby will be API Reads' first dual chat as the new API Reads Yahoo Group will be unveiled and run in tandem with the API Reads Forum discussion.
This is such a wonderful book to cover with your circle of friends and family members. It's also a great tool for you and your husband to begin the topic of positive discipline. Purchase Connection Parenting here!
API Reads is a benefit for API members. Not a member yet? Consider joining! If you are not a member, you can still purchase a subscription to this chat separately.
API News:
Free issue of The Attached Family
Ina May Gasking on Birth - API Live, June 29
MP3 available for Dr. Sears' Needs versus Wants
Your API Book Club now featuring...
Register now for the API 15th Anniversary Celebration
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Support for Professionals
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First 100 registrants participate in a reception with our guest panelists!
We're really doing it and we want you to join us! We've assembled some of the most influential names in parenting to engage in a lively and landmark discussion we're calling the Think-Tank event.
"Making an Impact Now: 
Creating a Sustainable Legacy for Children"
AUGUST 29TH, 2009
This think-tank event and reception on attachment parenting by parenting experts Dr. William and Martha Sears, sleep expert Dr. James McKenna, LLL founder Mary Ann Cahill, parent education leader Dr. Stephen Bavolek, separation/custody and AP expert Dr. Isabelle Fox, hosted by noted parenting author and television anchor/entrepreneur Lu Hanessian, and honored guests, API founders and authors Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker.
August 29 and 30
We've lined up the rockin', award-winning Roger Day to perform a family concert.  And those are just two of the activities you're invited to join as we celebrate API's 15th Anniversary on August 29 & 30 in the beautiful Belmont University Troutt Theater, Nashville Tennessee. Other weekend activities include a special performance by popular singer-songwriters; a silent auction; a special meet-the-expert session and special classes and offerings from local, family-friendly businesses Gymboree, Music with Mommy, Music City Music Together, and Stroller Strides Nashville.  Get more information, register and purchase tickets now-- we want to see you there!

This is a celebration and we want to make it easier on you to make the trip, so the think-tank event and reception cost is only $10! Be sure to register and book your accommodations now.
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