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Plugged-In Parents
Much of the concern about cellphones, instant messaging, and Twitter has been focused on how children who incessantly use the technology are affected by it. But parents' use of such technology--and its effect on their offspring--is now becoming an equal source of concern to some child-development researchers.

You Made It Home, but Were You "Emotionally Available"?
Many working parents push themselves hard to get home so they can be present for dinner and get their babies to bed. Now comes research suggesting that just being there isn't enough; parents have to be emotionally available too, to foster sound slumber in their babies.

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In Sweden, Men Can Have It All
From the Swedish capital to the villages south of the Arctic Circle, 85 percent of Swedish fathers now take parental leave.

In Texas? Listen to Great Music and Support API at the Same Time!
Gary Nicholson, husband of API cofounder Barbara Nicholson--and professional singer and songwriter for Garth Brooks, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Ringo Starr, BB King, and Grammy award winning producer for Delbert McClinton--will give a benefit concert on July 25, with proceeds benefiting API and the Garland Country Music Association. Thank you, Gary and Barbara, for all you do for API!

Birthing Method Influences Baby's First Bacteria Exposure
Different delivery methods have big effects on the types of microbial communities babies harbor as they emerge into the world, findings with potential implications for the heath of infants as they grow and develop.

What Parents and Professionals Should Know About the Cosleeping Controversy - Listen Now
Don't miss this very full discussion on the cosleeping controversy with guest James McKenna, PhD, and hosts Lu Hanessian and Lysa Parker on API Live. Sign up and automatically receive a link to the MP3 recording.

Ripple Your Way through Summer!
Ripple the message of Attachment Parenting to your friends, your family, your acquaintances, and even strangers! Join the ripple by donating, forwarding the ripple message, blogging about it, and sending us your own experiences to share and perpetuate the ripple.  Watch the video.

New, Fascinating Scientific Research on Breastmilk ...

Breastmilk Should Be Drunk at the Same Time of Day That It Is Expressed
The levels of the components in breast milk change every 24 hours in response to the needs of the baby. A new study shows, for example, how this milk could help newborn babies to sleep.

New Study Supports Exclusive Breastfeeding for First Six Months
New research provides more evidence that when moms exclusively breastfeed their newborns and infants for the first six months of life--only 14 percent of U.S. babies currently are--they can signficantly reduce their baby's risk of serious lung and intestinal infections.

Breastfeeding and Feminism
A provision in the new health-care legislation aims to make it easier for new mothers to return to work and continue to nurse their babies. Some say it shackles women to a life of domesticity, some say it is the personal duty of a "good" mother, and others suggest both arguments are short-sighted.

More on How Drugs and Medicine--Including Antiretrovirals for HIV--Are Effectively Transmitted through Breastmilk ...

Breastmilk Transmits Drugs to Baby

Maternal or Infant Antiretrovirals Both Effective in Preventing HIV Transmission through Breastmilk

AIDS Drugs Given to Pregnant Women Block 99 Percent of HIV Transmission to Breastfed Babies

Join in the Third Annual AP Month Celebration
"Full of Love: Parenting to Meet Emotional and Physical Needs for Children"

This October our attention is on a whole-child approach to preventing childhood obesity. We'll focus on supporting parents in providing healthy emotional connections with family, good nutrition, and physical activities to nurture the whole family and prevent childhood obesity. Check out AP Month Central and stay tuned in to the month's activities, including the online auction and opportunities for you to showcase your writing and/or photographic talents! 

Young Children Are Skilled Negotiators
Young children are skilled negotiators when it comes to relationships and the content of play, reveals new research from Sweden.

H.R. 5628, a Congressional Bill to Ban School Corporal Punishment
U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY 4th District) has introduced H.R. 5628, a bill to ban corporal punishment in schools. See also the
Center for Effective Discipline.

Do You Spend Time Visiting Parenting Forums?
Next time you're reading, looking for support and seeking like-minded parents, think of which online home is the most nurturing. API is a place for gentle, intelligent conversation about compassionate parenting practices. When you need support, not criticism, head on over to the API Forum and get your virtual hugs.

Regular Time with Dad Is Key to Kids' Happiness
The key to childhood happiness might be more face time with Dad. Kids who chat regularly with their father are happier than kids who don't, according to new research.

Good News about Teen Online Behavior
McAfee's just-released study "The Secret Life of Teens" is a reassuring portrait of how most young people are exercising reasonable caution in their use of technology.

Teens and Alcohol: Parenting Style Can Prevent Binge Drinking
Parents may be surprised, even disappointed, to find out they don't influence whether their teen tries alcohol. But now the good news: Parenting style strongly and directly affects teens when it comes to heavy drinking.

Hurry! Time's Almost Up to Pre-Order Your New 8th Edition of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
La Leche League's goal is to generate at least 5,000 pre-orders for the book ... enough to position them to make it a New York Times Best Seller right out of the gate. LLLI wants bragging rights to the first ever breastfeeding book to hit the NYT Best Seller list!

Join Us at API Reads As We Continue Reading Our Founders' Book
We're reading Attached at the Heart by Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker through July. Refresh your memory about the Eight Principles of Parenting and learn about additional resources to further your knowlege. Join the discussion! Attached at the Heart is on sale for only $16.95!

Just for Fun ... 

Friends, Neighbors, and Facebook
Mister Rogers would be so disappointed.

A Neuroscientist Uncovers a Dark Secret
Jim Fallon says he had a terrific childhood; he was doted on by his parents and had loving relationships with his brothers and sisters and entire extended family. Did that keep him from being a psychopath?

Primetime for API!

API Founders Ready for TV
Unfortunately, API doesn't meet the criteria for Oprah's programming search, but we'd still like your help in sharing our important message about evidence-based parenting information support. We think the medium of TV suits our cofounders--don't you? Please share this YouTube link.

API's 2010 Blog Carnival Continues!

Are you a blogger? Join the carnival! API Speaks, Attachment Parenting International's blog, begins its series of blog carnivals. These carnivals will center on API's Principles of Parenting. Interested? Here's the schedule:

August: Practice Positive Discipline
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September: Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life
Deadline for submission: 09-10; Carnival date: 09-17)

October: October is Attachment Parenting Month so we'll be hosting an AP Month-themed carnival this month. Details will follow as AP Month 2010 nears.

Dear Supporter,

Independence. We just celebrated it on the fourth. We yearn for it during our childhood. And we work toward it with our children.

If you're like me, you've gotten lots of "helpful advice" that says that Attachment Parenting creates kids who are utterly dependent on their parents and will never be able to navigate the world alone.

But here's the real truth ...

My oldest was born at 26 weeks. He weighed 2 pounds. He started out clingy, scared, and ruled by fear of failure. We discovered Attachment Parenting and embraced it out of necessity, for it seemed the best option for our tiny little micropreemie. It was the best choice we could ever have made.

My son, now 13, has grown into a remarkably independent and responsible young man. Today he's in the middle of a three-week trip to Europe with a group of kids he didn't even know before departure, and having a blast.

Attachment Parenting creates dependence? Not a chance. It's just the opposite, in fact. Having those deep roots, that solid foundation, that knowledge that home and family will always be a safe haven ... THAT creates independence--in the healthiest form possible.

In this month's Links, find out about
... plugged-in parents

... how the time of day breastmilk is pumped and drunk is important
... the cosleeping controversy
... how time with Dad affects kids' happiness
... psychopaths and brain scans
... how the 3rd Annual AP Month Celebration is Full of Love
... good news about teens!

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We give a warm welcome to our new API Leader Patricia Mackie, of Naperville, IL.

Camille North

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In Memoriam

Tine Thevenin

Tine Thevenin's life's focus was on protecting those who cannot protect themselves: children, animals, and the environment. Tine was an accomplished author--including the best-selling book The Family Bed: An Age Old Concept in Childrearing--La Leche Leader, professional musician, speaker, long-distance athlete, and environmental advocate. Above all she felt that her role as a mother and home-maker was the most important vocation in her life.
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