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We hope you have caught our message that API is celebrating parenting this year!
Conversations are often heavy with the work and challenges of parenting, yet it is so important for us to gather to celebrate the joy and experience of parenting.
Parents have grown right alongside their growing children, with support from a growing API over the years. It doesn't go without notice that we have teens that began with API as infants, and many older yet, who all were supported with AP information and a community for more than 15 years.
As our 15th anniversary weekend celebration reflects on accomplishments and impact, the theme of this year's Attachment Parenting Month in October, Growing attached through the years, also helps us look back through the years. At the same time, there is also an intentional focus on how AP relates throughout the years of a child's life.
The Attached Family will focus on discipline and the older child, API Live Teleseminars will feature discussions on older children, and API Speaks, AP Month Central, and other API resources will raise the discussion of maintaining or re-establishing secure attachments with our children through the years.
We're proud to watch our children grow and proud to watch API grow in its ability to aid more families with parenting information and support.
Be a part of these events: Join us in Nashville on August 29 and 30 (see additional information in this newsletter) and start planning your AP Month event for October -- enter a contest too!
Mail it forward!
We hope you will help us let others know about API's 15th Anniversary - only two weeks away - and Attachment Parenting Month by simply forwarding a copy of this e-newsletter.

Samantha Gray
Executive Director
Attachment Parenting International
Feeding Our Children
Cynthia Lair nourshing with whole foods and love
Feeding the Family
Mother, author, entrepreneur, and host of the Cookus Interruptus web-based show, Cynthia Lair, says in the latest The Attached Family: "I'm not a Mother Earth-type person. I know many people who are, and some of them are good friends of mine, but I'm not. I was curious in raising a child, just like we all are. When babies are born, their mothers have these incredible strings attached to their hearts from their child. You know when they're going to cry before they do - that kind of thing. I was shocked by how strong that was." Cynthia Lair describes her transition, "You have to change the way you think, just like you do when learning to eat wholesome foods."
You can read more about what Cynthia describes as the soul of Attachment Parenting in the "Feeding Our Children" Summer issue of The Attached Family.
For more about Cynthia Lair's books:
  • Feeding the Whole Family: Recipes for Babies, Young Children, and Their Parents
  • Feeding the Young Athlete: Sports Nutrition Made Easy for Players and Parents

and her show, visit


Plan your menu while you have a good laugh!

AP reflected in the arts
Share your creativity with us
AP MonthWe've got talent...
...so show it off and have some fun by entering one or more of our 2009 AP Month contests now through September. We're celebrating our second annual AP Month this October with a theme of "Growing Attached Through the Years," and we're starting now to build involvement, excitement and awareness. Through our contests, we hope to reflect illustrations of the variety of ways AP manifests in families through the years.   Get the whole family involved in AP Month this year - all ages can contribute and enter the:
Stay tuned for more about prizes and other features at http://apmonth.attachmentparenting.org
Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM
 September 28
CASA advocates family members dine together
"More than a decade of research by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University has consistently found that the more often kids eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink, or use drugs. Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM is a national movement launched by CASA in 2001 to remind parents that frequent family Dinners Make A Difference!
While there are no silver bullets - substance abuse can strike any family regardless of ethnicity, affluence, age, or gender - the parental engagement fostered at the dinner table can be a simple, effective tool to help prevent substance abuse in kids.
Family Day began as a grassroots initiative and has grown to become a nationwide celebration.
"America's drug problem is not going to be solved in courtrooms or legislative hearing rooms by judges and politicians. It will be solved in living rooms and dining rooms and across kitchen tables - by parents and families." Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Family Dinner Kit for conversation starters and a pledge.
What do Connection Parenting and Pam Leo mean to you?
Let's let Pam know

Connection Parenting

Pam Leo has been ill since late 2008 and has been unable to involve herself with her life's passion of spreading the message of Connection Parenting to families around the world.


Share Your Connection Parenting Story with Pam


Consciously Parenting is creating a book for Pam from the people around the world who love her and want to let her know how much Connection Parenting has meant to them. If you would like to share a story of how Connection Parenting changed your family for the better, something that happened as a result of Connection Parenting, personal experiences with Pam or her work, etc., please consider writing them up to be included. Pictures of your family, as well as a geographic location of where you are in the world, would be great.


If you know others who would enjoy participating, please pass this along to them. Submit all of the stories and pictures by September 8 to compile and get to her. If you'd like to participate, please send your submissions to info@consciouslyparenting.com. Questions? E-mail the same address or call 888.631.4441 x2.  We need your help to find any many people as possible who love Pam! You can share this direct link with others, post it on Facebook, etc. http://consciouslyparenting.com/classes/CP/support.php


In the spirit of Pam's work, as well as to create some additional income for Pam, Consciously Parenting is offering free audio interviews: Audio on Connection Parenting and Audio on Alternatives in Discipline.


Consciously Parenting is also continuing to offer Connection Parenting teleclasses so that families can continue to receive the support they need to make Connection Parenting happen in their homes. Part of the teleclass fee goes to Pam. An mp3 of Pam reading her book, Connection Parenting, is only available at Consciously Parenting, with all proceeds going to Pam.

The Attached Family
The Attached Family magazineAPI's magazine, The Attached Family, is offering two bonus issues this year--above and beyond its regular four print issues and weekly ezine at TheAttachedFamily.com, in celebration of its 15th anniversary.
Special 15th Anniversary Observation edition- is available now! This issue is shining the spotlight on API Co-founders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker's new book, Attached at the Heart, the culmination of all that they have learned in the past 15 years at the helm of API...plus the years when the idea of API was still forming. Click on the link above to download a free copy of this magazine issue.
Dr. Isabelle Fox
Register now for this August 24th API Live! Teleseminar
Dr.Fox"Meeting Children's Need for a Stable Caregiver" with Isabelle Fox on August 24
Join us as we talk with Dr. Isabelle Fox on API Live!

Register now and join API Live! for a special Teleseminar on August 24 at 9:oo pm EST / 6:00 pm PST as API Co-Founder and co-author of Attached at the Heart Lysa Parker and former NBC anchor Lu Hanessian stable caregiving with Dr. Isabelle Fox. Topics to be discussed include:

* Bonding and Attachment
* What Happens when Caregivers Change
* Parental versus Substitute Care
* Separation and Custody
* and MORE!
Submit your questions
 for Dr. Fox to API Live in advance and we will try to address them during the call.
You can support API's mission and take advantage of the knowledge and experience Ask API Live's special guest by signing up today. Every dollar of your sign up fee goes toward education, support and outreach for parents in need. And don't worry about last minute conflicts-everyone who signs up will receive a link to download the MP3 the week after the event.
About Dr. Isabelle Fox
Dr. Isabelle Fox is the author of Being There: The Benefits of a Stay-at-home-Parent. She has degrees from Radcliffe College and University of California Los Angeles and has been a Clinical Psychotherapist specializing in Child Development for over 30 years. She is also an Associate at the Western Psychological Center in Encino, California. She is also the author of From Diapers to Diplomas and Goodbye Diapers, Goodbye Bottle, Goodbye Blanket. She has three children and seven grandchildren and was a Stay-At-Home Parent for 10 years.
After purchase, you will get an email with the dial-in details for this exciting edition of API Live. Within a few days of the call, you will get an email with the link to download the MP3.
The best deal? API Members always attend at a special rate of only $9.
Ina May Gaskin
API Live! Teleseminar rescheduled
Join now for September 21 
Ina May Gaskin
"Special Delivery": The Gift of Loving Your Best Birth (and Making Peace with Plan B) with Ina May Gaskin on September 21
Join us as we talk with Ina May Gaskin on API Live!
Register now and listen in as API Co-Founder and co-author of Attached at the Heart Barbara Nicholson and former NBC anchor Lu Hanessian discuss natural birthing with Ina May Gaskin.
Submit your questions for Ina May at API Live in advance and we will try to address them during the call.
You can support API's mission and take advantage of the knowledge and experience Ask API Live's special guest by signing up today. Every dollar of your sign up fee goes toward education, support, and outreach for parents in need. And don't worry about last minute conflicts -- everyone who signs up will receive a link to download the MP3 the week after the event.
Your API Book Club
Sleeping with Your Baby -- for those practicing it -- and reading it too
JamesMcKennaDid you enjoy reading Connection Parenting together? If so, you just have to join in reading the infamous book by Dr. James McKenna, titled Sleeping With Your Baby, and we would love to have newcomers join the reading circle! You'll also have another wonderful opportunity; you can see Dr. James McKenna at API's 15th Anniversary Special event and ask him questions regarding the passages you have been reading. Don't have the book? Buy it here.
API Reads is a benefit for API members. Not a member yet? Consider joining! If you are not a member, you can still purchase a subscription to this chat separately.
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Isabelle Fox - API Live, August 24
Ina May Gaskin rescheduled for September 21
Your API Book Club now featuring...
Vince Gill Joins the API Benefit Concert - August 29
Event and Reception with AP Experts - August 29
Fun with Roger Day for kids of all ages - August 30
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Grammy-award winning performers and parents!
Saturday, August 29
3rd and Lindsley Bar and Grill, Nashville, Tennessee
9:00 pm
Vince Gill
Gary Nicholson
Beth Nielsen Chapman 

in concert with their respective children
Jenny Gill
Luke Nicholson
Ernest Chapman
So appropriate for an Attachment Parenting International Benefit Concert!
Bob Dipiero and The Floating Stones start at 7:00 pm
Nashville, Tennesee
Tickets and Gold Circle Seating available:
First 100 registrants participate in a reception with our guest panelists!
Parenting Think-tank Event
and Reception
Dr. William Sears
Martha Sears
Dr. James McKenna
Mary Ann Cahill
Dr. Stephen Bavolek
Dr. Isabelle Fox
Lysa Parker
Barbara Nicholson
Lu Hanessian
August 29, 2009
3:00 pm
 Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee
Get more information, register and purchase tickets now -- we want to see you there!

This is a celebration and we want to make it easier on you to make the trip, so the think-tank event and reception cost is only $10! Be sure to register and book your accommodations now.
Award-winning quality for the kids, too: Roger Day in concert!
Roger Day tickets only $8!!!
We've lined up the rockin', award-winning Roger Day to perform a family concert.
Belmont University Troutt Theater, Nashville, Tennessee at 3:00 pm on August 30.
Come early for a great silent auction at 2:00 pm.
Other weekend activities include special classes and offerings from local, family-friendly businesses Gymboree, Music with Mommy, Music City Music Together, and Stroller Strides Nashville.
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API Welcomes New Leaders!
Welcome to new API Support Group Leadersr:
Stephanie Broglie with API of San Antonio/New Braunfels, Texas
Cason Zarro with API of North Fulton, Georgia!

Professional Membership

API offers resources and support for professionals working with parents and children and advocating attachment parenting in their practices.
API would like to welcome our new Professional Colleague and Organization members:

Rachel Van Cise, Individual/Adolescent/Family Therapist, Snoqualmie, Washington

Linda Palmer, Infant Nutrition and Attachment Parenting Consultant and Author, www.BabyReference.com, San Diego, California 
API would like to welcome new Professional Associate members:
Beth Morton, New Mom Coach,
www.bethmortonlifecoach.com, Burke, Virginia

Angie Walston, Family Life Educator, www.theparentingcenter.org, Fort Worth, Texas

Rebecca Thompson, M.S., Parent coach and educator, www.consciouslyparenting.com, Land O Lakes, Florida

Michelle Dyl, Adol Res Treatment Coordinator, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Lakewood, Colorado
Elaine Barrington, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, www.naturalparentingway.com, Playa Del Rey, California
Alecia White Scharback, Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor,
www.bigappledoula.com, Blue Grass, Iowa

We would also like to welcome returning Professional Associates:

Sara Nevin, Children's Program Director, Good Beginnings of Central Vermont, www.centralvt.goodbeginnings.net, Northfield, Vermont
Emilio Gonzalez, Pediatrician, Los Alcazares (Murcia), Spain
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Become an accredited API Leader
API has updated the reading list to include a variety of media options in order to accommodate different learning styles. The reading list (now available for applicants after they have submitted their paperwork) includes books, DVDs, CDs, and websites.

Applicants will be required to read Attached at the Heart by Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, and Hold On To Your Kids by Gordon Neufeld. In addition, applicants pick four other resources from our list to review. Leaders may assist applicants by finding resources to review and holding monthly book club gatherings to discuss one or more of the required materials.
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Back to school with API 
API "Back to School" Membership Offer

Did you miss out on the wonderful promotions that were recently running? Don't fret, we have another wonderful opportunity to honor those families in which their school-age children have started school. Why not have them promote and raise awareness about "nurturing children for a compassionate world" in their school and classrooms for their fellow students and teachers to see? Well, with our "Back to School" promotion you'll be able to do this. With any new, renewing, or gift membership you will receive one FREE youth nylon bag to keep and show off. Colors vary. Available while supplies last.
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API Forum... what's new?
Coffee Talk and Good for You
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Coffee Talk (a general chit-chat forum) and Good For You! (a health & wellness forum). These forums will be a place for parents to talk about things that fall beyond the scope of API's 8 Principles of Parenting, so they will have their own guidelines. Check it out!
The API Forum will also feature a New Custom User Title Program--learn more.