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September 2010 - "Full of Love," Smarter First-Borns, and Infant Sleep

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News on the possible link between attachment and early puberty in girls, how parenting rewires the brain, the endless benefits of breastfeeding, ways to reconnect with your kids after school, and how your bond with your infant can strengthen in the teen years.

Infants Can Remember Emotional Events
A new study shows that human infants can remember unusual emotional events.

Almost 1 in 3 First-Time Deliveries Now Via C-Section 
More must be done to curb the use of the procedure, which comes with risks, experts say. 

Sorelle Crib Recall by Albee Baby Reveals Dark Secret of Simplicity
A small crib recall of the Sorelle brand Prescott model by Albee Baby revealed a disturbing and potentially dangerous problem: the cribs were actually made by the most infamous manufacturer of children's furniture--Simplicity.

Old Maxim of Fertility and Stress Is Reversed
Even as more and more fertility clinics adopt stress-management programs like yoga, cognitive therapy and biofeedback, the role of stress in infertility remains a matter of debate. Some experts still recite an old maxim: while infertility undoubtedly causes stress, stress does not cause infertility.
Now researchers suggest that the two conditions may indeed be linked.

One More Way to Avoid Diabetes: Breastfeed 
Mothers who did not breastfeed their children have significantly higher rates of type 2 diabetes later in life than moms who breastfed.

CDC Report: Breastfeeding Rates Are up at Birth
In 2007, three-quarters of babies born in the USA were breast-fed at least briefly, continuing a decade-long increase, but the proportion still being breastfed at 6 months and 12 months old had stalled.

Health Care Reform Boosts Support for Employed Breastfeeding Mothers
With the inclusion of this provision in health care reform legislation, the U.S. joins the rest of the industrialized world in recognizing breastfeeding as the natural outcome of pregnancy, and workplace lactation programs as the natural outcome of a society where the majority of mothers and infants are separated due to work.

Join Us!: "Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the 'Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness'"
API Advisory Board Member James McKenna, PhD, is on the planning committee for an upcoming conference on human development and parenting. Make plans to attend so API's cofounders can meet you!
The University of Notre Dame's Department of Psychology and Center for
Children and Families invites you to a multidisciplinary symposium, October 10-12, 2010. This symposium brings together an international audience interested in innovative approaches to human development, children, families, parenting, and human evolution. Speakers will present their research on the relationship between caregiving practices and outcomes.

For Infant Sleep, Receptiveness More Important Than Routine
Parents understand the challenge of getting infants to sleep through the night, and now researchers show that being emotionally receptive can reduce sleep disruptions and help infants and toddlers sleep better.

Coddle or Let the Kid Cry? New Research Awakens the Sleep-Training Debate
While many moms and dads reluctantly allow their infant to "cry it out," some experts now say the practice can cause real damage.

Does My Baby Need Routine Sleep Time?
Q: I get a lot of advice that babies and children do better if they have a routine way of doing everything, especially sleep time. Personally, it is very challenging for me to enforce a sleep time on my baby. How important is it to have schedules and routines for sleep, food, or other activities?
A: It is best to do what brings peace and joy to you and your family. The beauty of keeping your baby in your arms is that you get to know her well; this closeness allows you to respond to her cues rather than apply external theories. Any ideas that do not come from your baby are unlikely to resonate with who she is.
You are well connected to your baby and therefore find it difficult to oppose her direction. Congratulations! Nurture this healthy attachment. There is no need for you to "attach" to ideas that oppose your baby. She is your guide. When you respond to her lead, she learns to trust and rely on herself. Self-confidence and independence are the ability of the child to rely on herself and listen to her own body and soul.
American parent educator Naomi Aldort explains …

The Brains of Our Fathers: Does Parenting Rewire Dads?
Fathers and their children reshape one another's neurons.

Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain 
It was a primitive trip with a sophisticated goal: to understand how heavy use of digital devices and other technology changes how we think and behave, and how a retreat into nature might reverse those effects.

A Reworking of the Famous Maslow's Pyramid Puts Parenting at the Top
If you've ever felt that your children are your life's work, then you may in fact be recognizing a high-level psychological need. Caring for your children, feeding them, nurturing them, educating them and making sure they get off on the right foot in life--all of the things that make parenting successful--may actually be deep rooted psychological urges that we fulfill as part of being human.

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API Live! You Won't Want to Miss This!

Homework, Bullies, and More: Challenges at Home and School with special guest Judy Arnall
September 27, 2010, 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST
Hear hosts Lu Hanessian and API co-founder Lysa Parker talk with Judy Arnall about common school related issues, including bullying, homework, time management, and peer relationships.
Judy is the co-founder of Attachment Parenting Canada. She is an award-winning speaker, parenting expert, and author of the bestseller Discipline without Distress: 135 Tools for Raising Caring, Responsible Children without Time-out, Spanking, Punishment or Bribery. She has published numerous articles on a variety of parenting related topics, and she is a regular contributor and guest in Canadian media.

Connecting with Your Child after School
How can families help reduce bullying? What question do you ask after "How was your day?"

Bullies, Bullying Victims, Often Lack Problem-Solving Skills
A review of bullying studies suggests that children who become bullies and children who are victims of bullying often have something in common--both groups tend to lack social problem-solving skills.

Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?
Is it really possible to diagnose such a grown-up affliction in such a young child? And is diagnosing clinical depression in a preschooler a good idea, or are children that young too immature, too changeable, too temperamental to be laden with such a momentous label? Just how early can depression begin?

Martha Sears Started a Ripple
"Especially once you came along, Hayden, having three older ones and a new baby, I wish I had known how important it would be to ..."
And because of Martha Sears we do know and share the message of parent support.

"Intensive" Parenting Education May Impact Child Abuse Rates
Teaching parenting skills may help reduce incidents of child abuse, according to a new study. The study provided "intensive services," such as regular home visits and parenting skills education, to single mothers in low-income homes where there was already a history of child abuse. After several months of treatment and support, these families reported significantly fewer incidents of abuse than families in a control group, according to the researchers.

Did You Miss API LIVE!, "Parenting Without Power Struggles" with Susan Stiffelman? It's Not Too Late!
You'll discover how to:
• Transform frustration and aggression into adaptation and cooperation

• Keep your cool when your kids push your buttons, talk back, or refuse to "play nice"
• Nourish deep attachment with young and older kids

• Help your ADDish child survive and thrive, even if you're ADDish yourself

• Inoculate your kids from negative thinking and peer pressure that lead to anger, anxiety, depression, or behavior issues

• Help children manage the emotional challenges of divorce
Susan Stiffelman is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor; an Educational Therapist; Parent Educator; and Professional Speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Developmental Psychology from Johnston College/University of Redlands, a California K-9 Teaching Credential, a Masters of Arts from Antioch University in Clinical Psychology, and a California Marriage and Family Therapist license.

What about "The Truth about Spanking: What Parents Must Know About Physical Discipline" with Nadine Block?
Don't worry! You can download it here!
Also take a look at "Plain Talk about Spanking." Since its introduction by Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education in 1992, the demand for it has grown steadily.
Here are two typical users' comments:
"'Plain Talk' is my #1 tool in helping parents make the decision to stop spanking. I can't tell you how many have come in after reading it and said, 'I'll never spank my child (children) again!'"
--Janis Christenson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Nashville, Tennessee
"Thank you so much for your clear, true, brave and convincing booklet. It should be offered free to every parent immediately after the birth of EACH of their children."
--Alice Miller, Ph.D., researcher/author on childhood
You can read "Plain Talk" online or print it here.

Kids'--All Ages--Top 100 Searches of 2009 
YouTube, Google, and Facebook top the list ... find out what rounds out the top 5. You might be surprised.

Lack of Attachment to Mom May Cause Early Puberty in Girls 
If you're still on the fence about how you feel about attachment parenting, new research findings about early puberty in girls may send you over the edge.

Spanking Remains Common Worldwide, Studies Show
Spanking has declined in the United States since 1975, but corporal punishment is still used to discipline nearly 80 percent of preschool children.

Kenya's New Constitution Prohibits All Corporal Punishment
Kenya is the 29th state worldwide to prohibit all corporal punishment of children, following closely the achievement of prohibition in Tunisia and Poland.

API Gets 5-Star Reviews!

Heavy Drug-Use among Bad Boys Curbed by Parental Monitoring and Peers
Aggressive and hyperactive boys with low parental monitoring are more likely to befriend deviant peers and become heavy drug users as teens. Yet, "bad boys" can be protected from heavy substance use as teenagers if they are highly monitored and befriend "good boys" as children.

What Is It about 20-Somethings?
"Failure to launch," "boomerang kids" ... New theory of "emerging adulthood" as to why college grads are taking longer to grow up.

Bonds Developed in Infancy Can Strengthen in Teen Years
The "terrible twos" and the "traumatic teens" are complete myths, according to award-winning journalist, mother, and member of API's Board of Director Lu Hanessian.

Dr. Bruce D. Perry, API Advisory Board member, Speaks on "Transforming Childhood Trauma: Connecting with Empathy and Compassion"
In his upcoming engagements in Australia, Dr. Bruce D. Perry will explore the negative impact of chaos, threat, traumatic stress, abuse, and neglect on children. Hear how these adverse experiences alter the child's brain and can result in enduring cognitive, behavioral, emotional, social, psychological, and physical problems. Concepts of empathy and compassion will also be explored in relation to physical health, mental health, and an ability to form and sustain loving and healthy relationships.

"Full of Love" ... API Tackles Obesity in October, AP Month. Here's a Taste:

Can Exercise Moderate Anger? This Research Says Yes
Exercise is good for temperamental, stressed out parents and kids to burn the anger off and keep fit at the same time.

Sleep-Deprived Teens At-Risk for Obesity
Teens who sleep less than eight hours a night are more likely to eat a high-fat diet that puts them at risk for obesity and the many health problems connected with it, new research shows.

Eat an Apple (Doctors Orders)
The farm stand is becoming the new apothecary, dispensing apples - not to mention artichokes, asparagus and arugula - to fill a novel kind of prescription.

Obesity, Stress, and Teen Pregnancy Are the Top Child Health Problems ... and Getting Worse
According to the National Poll on Children's Health:
• Childhood obesity is rated by adults as the top health problem for children in their communities for the third year in row.
• Most adults who rate childhood obesity, stress, and teen pregnancy as big problems for children say these problems are "getting worse."
• Among black adults, smoking is rated as the top health problem for children.
• Among Hispanic adults, drug abuse is rated as the top health problem for children.

Mothers Matter! High Social Status and Maternal Support Play an Important Role in Mating Success of Male Bonobos
The higher up a male bonobo is placed in the social hierarchy, the greater his mating success is with female bonobos, researchers have found. But even males who are not so highly placed still have a chance of impressing females. A new study finds evidence of direct support from mothers to their sons in agonistic conflicts over access to estrous females.

Childhood Abuse, Adversity May Shorten Life, Weaken Immune Response among the Elderly
The emotional pains we suffer in childhood can lead to weakened immune systems later in life, according to a new study. Based on this new research, the amount of this immune impairment even enhances that caused by the stress of caregiving later in life.

Adversity in Childhood Can Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Adulthood
Early life adversity through poverty, social isolation, or abuse in childhood is linked to heightened reactivity, which may lead to heart disease later on.

Just for Fun ...

Sorry, Kid, First-Borns Really Are Smarter
Birth order makes a difference when it comes to brains and personality.

Check Out These Conferences!

Lamaze International/ International Childbirth Education Association, United for the Future of Birth Mega Conference
--Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 30- October 3
API cofounders Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson will be presenting and exhibiting

La Leche League of Georgia 31st Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference
--Calloway Gardens, Pine Garden, Georgia, October 1-3
API will be exhibiting

Safe Infant Sleep Symposium
--Fort Wayne, Indiana, October 2
API is cosponsoring this event; Advisory Board Member James McKenna is the featured speaker

Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the "Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness"
--Notre Dame University, October 10-12
The breadth of this discussion will range from childbirth to sleep issues, from oxytocin to the importance of play. API cofounders
Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson are attending, and API Advisory Board Member James McKenna is speaking
API is a cosponsor of this event

MANA 2010 Conference
Tennessee, October 14-17
Featuring a roast of the Farm Midwives and Ina May Gaskin

Freedom for Family Wellness: Celebrating the Shift to Conscious Choice
--Washington, DC, October 21-24
API will be hosting an exhibit

Imago Relationships International 7th Annual Conference
--Atlanta, Georgia, October 28-30
Keynote: John Gottman
Julie Schwartz Gottman, Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt
Don't miss the opportunity to hear leading experts in the field of couples therapy as they share the stage for an unprecedented panel discussion. API will be exhibiting

Practical Parenting Education, Partnering with Parents from Cradle to Career
--Dallas, Texas, November 1-2

API may be exhibiting

Complete a Parenting Survey, Help a University Center with Its Research, and Win $100!
For mothers with 3-year-old preschool children, answer questions about you and your child's early experience (anonymous data collection). As part of your participation, you can enter a lottery for a $500 or $100 Amazon gift certificate. The survey takes about 30-45 minutes in one sitting.

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The next book we'll be reading is
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Dear Supporter,

We're only two weeks away from AP Month! This year's focus is "Full of Love:  Parenting to Meet Emotional and Physical Needs for Children."

Here at API, we believe that secure attachments are so foundational to overall health, they should have their own RDA.

If they don't have the essential ingredient of caring adult-child relationships, children are unable to effectively self regulate and may turn more readily to ineffective, even harmful, substitutes.  Junk snacks and sedentary activities are readily available--and too frequently and stealthily transformed into unhealthy emotional comforts.

But simply changing these two variables is only part of improving the health recipe.  Making sure our children are emotionally full with meaningful connections and secure attachments is one of the best ways we can help reduce their reliance on emotional connections to food, low activity, or other unhealthy substances, people, or objects.  We want our children attached securely to us, not other things, but we all need help and support to do this.

That's where AP Month comes in! Stay tuned to hear more about how we can establish healthy positive connections as an important part of our child's diet. And read about the auction below for your last chance this year to contribute to this amazing cause!

Watch for next month's Links, which will be devoted entirely to attachment, obesity, and health.

In the meantime, here are a few tasty tidbits sprinkled throughout this month's Links:
only one month of breastfeeding has enormous health benefits ... that's powerful stuff!
"crying it out" can cause real damage (but you already knew that, didn't you?)
parenting rewires dads' brains
parenting is now at the top of the pyramid
the top 5 online kids' searches (oh my!)
bonds from infancy can actually strengthen in the teen years!
first-borns really are smarter
win $100!

We extend a warm welcome to our new leader Michelle Mattesini, from Devon API, United Kingdom!

Camille North,
API Links Editor

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Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood
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