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December 2008
Support on our Parenting Journey
Support is such a loaded word when it comes to the parenting journey. We are supported by our friends and family in the exciting months leading to our first child's birth. A spouse, a parent, a doula, midwife, doctor, or friend is there to support us as we bring a new life into the world. We support our child's tiny head before she has the strength to do so herself.

For a growing number of parents, an AP support group is there to provide support and insight every step of the way. Our babies are physically supported by our arms, our slings, our bodies. We are emotionally buoyed up by the support of family, friends, and organizations like Attachment Parenting International (API).

At this time of year, thoughts turn naturally toward all that we're thankful for and toward that spirit of support and giving that overlays the holiday season. This year, more than ever, Attachment Parenting International needs your support.

If, during your parenting journey, you have valued the support offered by your local chapter, by API's forums, its blog, or its other programs, or even if you just believe in our mission, please consider donating today.

Donate to API

While much of the media is focused on the economy and the rapid declines in the housing, auto, and banking industries, there is an untold story of non-profit organizations like API: organizations that rely entirely on gifts from people like you, organizations that also face rapid declines because of the economy. Instead of these declines being attributed to poor management or misuse of funds, they are instead a direct result of all the fear and uncertainty that many donors feel as jobs are cut and houses repossessed.

Please, don't let API be another
casualty of this recession!

Consider lending your support, in whatever amount you are able, to an organization that is there to support you every day.

Your donations provide the essentials:  training for API Leaders to lead local support groups, free materials for parents and community partners and web site maintenance to provide a vital and valuable resource for parents who don't have access to local Support Groups. Your generosity has never been so important.

We deeply appreciate your gifts of any size and as a special thank you for holiday donations of $50 or more, we invite you to place a tribute to a loved one.

Your tribute will be displayed on our web site from January - December 2009 and your designated honoree will receive your choice of postal or email notification.
Mother and child, sleeping safely togetherCosleeping Not Linked to SIDS
At last there is a study that proves what AP parents have intuitively known for quite some time: cosleeping does not increase the risk of SIDS.

"This study shows that it is not co-sleeping that is unsafe, but the circumstances under which some parents co-sleep that create risks," said Dr Peter Blair, from the University of Bristol. Read the full story online.

These risks, including drinking alcohol, smoking, and drug use, fluffy bedding, and inappropriate sleep surfaces like sofas or recliners, are all identified in API's Safe Infant Sleep Guidelines.

To help parents navigate the various safety issues around infant cosleeping, bedsharing, and crib sleeping, API released a Safe Infant Sleep brochure this month and will be spearheading a major educational campaign in the New Year.

For more information, please contact Julie or donate to the campaign online. For every $10 donated, 5 more families will have access to research-based safety information aimed at reducing avoidable sleep-related deaths.

Want to learn more about how to ensure your children are physically and emotionally safe during sleep and how nighttime responsiveness can improve your connection with your children? Read about it in API's Eight Principles of Parenting, or find out what other parents have to say about this article on our forums.

Another Level of Support:
Forming an API Support Group

Are you a parent with at least one child who is older than eighteen months? Are you in a community that doesn't offer a lot of parenting support? Would you like to fill that void? Are you the type of person who likes to take the initiative in  starting something new?

If you answered yes to these questions then you may be the ideal person to form an API Support Group in your community!

An API Support Group is a place where parents can go to receive support on the decisions they are making for their families that are based upon API's Eight Principles of Parenting. Leaders usually hold meetings once a month. As the group grows other activities can help support and create community such as playgroups, cooking clubs and public outreach events.

As an API leader, you would be joining many other parents around the world who have formed groups in their local communities.

The application process has several stages, described in more detail on our web site:
  • Submit your application for leadership, application fee and two recommendations.
  • Q&A, role playing, and one-on-one work with the Leader Applicant Liaison.
  • Join API's Leader forum for support and guidance from experienced leaders.
  • Book discussion on a selection of API-approved books.
  • Signature of API's Statement of Commitment.

The application process helps new leaders feel confident and comfortable in leading meetings and promoting a support group within the community. The Leader Liaison (LL) will be around to assist you with any questions you may have or to help share ideas on the best practices for your group.

Won't you consider becoming a leader today?
Everyday Blessings What's New on API Reads?
Last month's API Reads forum discussion with authors Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn on their book, Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting, was a huge success!

There were some interesting questions posted, with insightful responses from Myla and Jon, including:
    How can you reduce the amount of media presented to your child while respecting their need for entertainment at the same time?
    How can you respect your child's need for boundaries when at times, for their health, you have to overstep those boundaries?
    How can you remain present when you yourself are out of balance?

If you missed the discussion, you can still access the archive for 30 days. If you are a member, email our Member Liaison; if you are not a member, you can purchase it for $3.99 on API's forum.

For the months of December and January, we will be reading Discipline Without Distress by Judy Arnall. This book has such a refreshing approach to positive discipline that discussion on the forum has already begun! Judy Arnall will be with us in our forum this January 17-23, providing you with the opportunity to connect with her.

Become a member so you can join in the discussion! Already a member? Email our Member Liaison with your full name and forum ID to ensure access to this informative session. We look forward to seeing you online!
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Support on our Parenting Journey
Cosleeping NOT Linked to SIDS
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What's New on API Reads
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Remembering presence...
Dear Reader,
Although AP Month has passed, I find myself thinking about ways to give my children presence during this hectic holiday season. What I've discovered is that even a mundane task like shoveling snow (which we've done a lot of this month here in Colorado!) can be an opportunity to spend quality time with my family. A drive in the car provides a chance to sing Gabriel's favorite, Frosty the Snowman. The freezing temperatures make a cuddle on the couch with Lily that much easier to make time for.

Wishing you a month filled with snow angels, love, laughter, presence, and joy...

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