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"My daughter and and I have been singing the “I Love You” song, and it has become a part of our night time/bed time routine. I have now learned the importance of taking "bonding breaks," and my daughter will even ask me for "bonding time." Thank you for reminding me what mothering is all about and for giving us precious memories!" -mom Nina M., daughter Melanie (age 18 months)


Stacy Jagger and FamilyStacy Jagger's mission is to help build stronger connections within today's modern family. A child and family therapist in private practice, Stacy is partnering with Attachment Parenting International to bring you Music with Mine, a program she originally created in 2007 as Music with Mommie when a new mother wanting to help other mothers and babies.

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"At this point I just feel a cultural responsibility to help. Attachment disturbances are hard to repair. And wears out the therapist (that would be me). I love my work and prevention is satisfying. I’m looking at it from both angles." ~Stacy Jagger


  • Instructor Training both live in workshop format and via DVD/video format

  • Online training includes access to 12 video-based instructor training modules offered through Attachment Parenting International 

  • Includes access to MwM logo (for social media and flyers), instructor training manual, monthly MwM curriculum, song sheets, class playlists, audio files and ongoing support

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Training in Music with Mine: Caregiver-Child Connecting Class for ages 5 months-5 years

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