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There's a lot happening at API. Whether it's new API offerings; API Leader, Board Members, and staff bringing AP to the forefront in the media; or Principle-related news from around the world, this is the place to check for the details on all API News.

API Reads: March update

In the book Love and Anger, we’ve discussed so far how anger is a natural emotion. A lot of the readers in the book club felt reassured that they weren’t the only ones to have felt this way before. They enjoyed the stories that the shared in chapter 1 to show examples of situations in which we as parents can become angry.

In memory of Marshall Rosenberg, Father of Nonviolent Communication

All of us at Attachment Parenting International (API) were saddened to hear earlier this week the news of Marshall Rosenberg’s passing. His book Nonviolent Communication is one of the most valuable resources available to the staff and leaders who volunteer time with API.

ALOHA Valentine's Day from API! - Bid now!

Share your heart with loved ones and warm the hearts of other parents at the same time!   Bid for the API stay in Hawaii starting FEB 9 (ending FEB 13)! 

API Reads: February book club update

In our next book, Love and Anger, we’ll be discussing how feeling angry is okay; acting in anger is not. We are not only discussing parental anger but of coping with the anger children have towards parents, siblings, and peers. You also discuss unique situations of those faced by divorced parents and parents of disabled children. This is a well-rounded book that will help you examine the subject of anger in a new light that you can relate too.


API Reads: January book club update

November API Reads

There are 500+ members waiting to read and discuss AP-oriented books with you. Are you already one of those members? If not, what are you waiting for?! Join the club at API’s online book club held through GoodReads.

AP Month Auction Ends Friday at midnight EST!

Celebrate AP Month: Auction, Daily Tips, Posts, and More!

Cherished Parents, Flourishing Children!  Celebrate AP Month during October!

“Cherished Parents, Flourishing Children ” is our AP Month theme this year celebrating the way that creativity allows you to be an amazing parent. Check out everything about AP Month right here! Help API raise awareness about the importance of parenting by:

API Reads: September - Parenting from the Inside Out & Parent Effectiveness Training

This is our exciting month for API Reads in which you the reader get to choose which direction you’ll go in your reading. We are still reading Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel MD for the general audience and for those with children under the school-age years. We will also be reading Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon for those with children who are in the school-age years and above.

Our discussions happen on GoodReads so don’t hesitate to join in the conversation. We read a chapter a week and sometimes you can’t get through the chapter and yet you’ll find you’ll still be able to participate in the conversation. So come join the other 400+ members who are already part of the conversation!

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