Attachment Matters eBook now available with your $25 or more contribution to API

Attachment Matters eBook now available with your $25 or more contribution to API
Ideally, all children would be able to experience a secure attachment with every meaningful adult in his life. Attachment Matters explores API's Eight Principles of Parenting in depth, including touching personal stories of parenting
Learn more about secure attachment, or share with a grandparents, mother's helper, childcare provider, teacher, or other adults who have a caregiving role for your child. Attachment Matters is also appropriate for health care providers, school administrators, mental health therapists, child custody attorneys, adoption agents, and other professionals who work regularly with children and parents.
  • Foreword: An Attachment Crisis
  • Why Attachment Matters
  • Can Insecure Attachment Be Healed?
  • How Secure Attachment Happens
  • Attachment-Promoting Behaviors
  • Attachment Parenting Stories, Real Life
  • Why Attachment Matters to Me
  • A Mother's Love Story: Attachment Parenting Can Heal Intergenerational Hurts
  • Saved by Attachment Parenting, and Now 8 Kids Later (3 with Autism)
  • Small Blessings: A Father Reflects on His Introduction to Attachment Parenting
  • Helping My Young Child Adjust to a Change in Caregivers
  • It's Not About You, It's About Them: Protecting Attachment During Divorce
  • The Challenges of Becoming an Attached Father
  • Attachment Parenting Restores Security in Adopted Children
  • The Heart of Attachment Parenting
  • Was Attachment Parenting Worth It?
  • Generation AP

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