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  • We can nurture our children for
    a more compassionate world.

    Families struggle every day with
    parenting and lack of support. Find
    connection, relationships, and basic
    principles that can make a difference
    in your home and the world.


Who nurtures you?  

Your children depend on you for nurture and you give it to them daily. 

You Need Nurturing too. 

Parenting quick-fixes help you survive, but they rarely have the lasting power to help you flourish over time. You already know that parenting comes with unique stressors, but you may not know that there's a way to flip parenting stressors to flourishing instead. The three ingredients all parents need to flourish are easier than you think and enjoyable. The first ingredient ... keep reading.


Join us for 31 Days of Nurturings this month!

We'll be sharing inspiration and tools you can use to help you child, you and your family flourish. Follow us on social media! Find out more.


You've heard about resilience, but have you heard about PCEs? 

Nurturings helps you build Positive Childhood Experiences, or PCEs, pronounced "pieces", which are the foundation of resilience and health. PCEs are powerful antidotes to adversity, and every parent and caregiver can provide them. See what PCEs are all about:

Read more: Nurturings Position Statement and References




AP Support Groups

Click the locator pins on the map below to find parent groups and contact leaders, or use the list of groups here. Note: The location markers are approximate - please contact the Group Leader for the meeting locations and details.