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You're already a parent leader

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 10 August 2022

Let's consider, for a moment, your influence on other parents.

At Nurturings, we train Certified Attached at the Heart Parenting Educators and encourage local parent support groups. There is always need for more certified parenting educators and groups in local areas. Face-to-face connection with like-minded parents is a critical foundation of parent support.

Sometimes, we'll hear from parents asking for a local group who don't feel confident in their ability to lead a group. They may feel they are too new to parenting or too new to parenting with a nurturing approach or that they make too many mistakes.

Here's the deal: You are already a parent support leader with or without official training. And if you have friends who are parents, you are already a leader of a local parent support group (your friendship circle) because you and your friends are naturally looking to one another for validation and ideas.

Parent support groups are just a group of parents coming together to talk about raising their kids.

The best parent support leaders are parents without any agenda other than the desire to get connected with other parents who are raising their kids in a similar way. Parents reaching out with questions make especially great parent support leaders because of their motivation to gather with others to find answers. We bond as we find ways through our challenges together and grow together on this parenting journey.

We encourage you to join us in organizing a local parent support group. We can provide resources and training as you like, but know that you don't need to have any special qualification to be a parent support leader other than be raising kids. All it means to be a leader is being a friend to fellow parents!


you're already a parent support leader