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The art of parenting is really just teaching your art of living

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 21 July 2022

Raising kids is a long game. We are parenting not only for what is happening in this moment but also for what happens in the years and decades to come. How we bring up our children not only affects us and them but every person they connect with during their lifetime and the generations to come.

We live in a perpetual tension of honoring our family's heritage, navigating this current life, and preparing our children for the many unknowns to come. That's a heavy weight to carry.

I hope to lighten it by reminding you that this awesome responsibility of parenting comes down to simply teaching our children the art of living well. We have all accumulated many lessons during our lives, many passed down through the family tree and others that we picked up on our own. We all have many more lessons to learn. So much of living is about learning and adapting. Our children must learn how to learn both practical skills like financial management as well as character attributes such as joy, gratitude, resilience, and relationship.

Our children are always watching and learn the biggest lessons about life from how you live your life. Is your style of living full of joy or do you want it be? Relate to your children out of joy. 

Understand that no one has life "all figured out," and that's OK! Continuing to figure it out along the way is much of the journey, an integral part of living.

I hope you feel inspired to not cling too tightly to what you feel you "should" be teaching your children and instead allow your parenting decisions to flow out of what you want your children to be learning about the art of living. 

~ Rita J. Brhel, editor of #normalizenurturing

the art of parenting is teaching our kids how to live well