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Editor's Note

Thoughts from #normalizenurturing's editor, Rita Brhel, on the art of parenting. 

Formula shortage and gun violence point to much bigger problem: U.S. doesn't value parenting

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 10 June 2022

We live in a quick-fix society. We see a lot of problems with how our society treats parents and families, particularly in Western society. 

In the United States, where I live, parents have been struggling through an unprecedented shortage of infant formula and have endured the trauma of yet another mass school shooting at the hands of an adolescent. 

I have watched the headlines as the nation has progressed through the stages of grief. Americans are grappling for some way to fix these very serious problems affecting families. 

The art of parenting is really just teaching your art of living

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 21 July 2022

Raising kids is a long game. We are parenting not only for what is happening in this moment but also for what happens in the years and decades to come. How we bring up our children not only affects us and them but every person they connect with during their lifetime and the generations to come.

We live in a perpetual tension of honoring our family's heritage, navigating this current life, and preparing our children for the many unknowns to come. That's a heavy weight to carry.

Remember your "why" for parenting this way

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 4 January 2022

Today is Tuesday.

On Tuesdays, my 10-year-old son (Nathan) goes to public school and my teen Irish-twin girls go to the farm to spend the day with their grandparents. Goats are kidding during this time of the year, so they'll sometimes be in the barn and sometimes in the house.

I'm not exactly sure what they'll be working on in the house, but my 14-year-old daughter (Emily) took two spools of blue thread with her this morning and my 15-year-old daughter (Rachel) was excited to show off her homemade envelope idea.