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Find your way back after an 'off' parenting moment

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 26 August 2022

The antithesis of growth in parenting is fear that we are doing something wrong in how we are interacting with, relating to, and guiding our children. 

Fear stunts our parenting confidence, which in turn can reflect in our relationships with our children. 

An antidote to this fear that we are not doing enough or doing the right things as a parent is gaining knowledge so we can make informed decisions.

Keep in mind, though, that no parent is perfect. We all have our "off" days and our moments where we relate to our child that does not promote the family values we wish to impart. 

I encourage you not to be afraid of these moments. 

When a relationship is based on a trusting, empathic, nurturing, and peaceful approach to parenting...if we happen to step off the path during an "off" moment, it's so easy to find our way back again: We just follow our hearts*. 

(* Talking with our children through any strong emotions about their experience in our "off" moment helps them express and process their feelings of hurt, anger, fear, or shame in a healthy way.)


How to find your way back