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Kudos: J. Taylor Calderone pens call for U.S. mothers to reclaim importance of motherhood without sugarcoating it

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 15 April 2022

Yes, the COVID pandemic has been hard on working mothers.

But author J. Taylor Calderone reminds us: As we vent about our plight, we cannot ignore our effect on our children! What is our pandemic generation of children absorbing about their worth and the value of motherhood from our collective tone of discontent?

Calderone: "...there is a larger narrative taking shape before our eyes: Childcare, and motherhood, is a hindrance to women everywhere. We are standing on a precipice, and we are about to declare motherhood inconvenient."

This may not sound as dire as it actually is. Let's rephrase it: We are standing on a precipice, and we are about to declare motherhood as unnecessary. Mothers are important, yes. But motherhood?

Calderone: "...while the majority of mothers have to and/or choose to outsource some of the childcare responsibilities in order to work outside the home, we cannot outsource motherhood in the process."

She points out what is right in front of us if we're able to get beyond the chronic stress of the pandemic in our lives. She is reading between the lines. She is forward-thinking: Our children's childhoods are at risk of being shaped not only by the pandemic itself but our reaction (if unpleasant) to being present in their lives. A plethora of media since 2020 has centered on the difficulty of working mothers adjusting to this pandemic-forced requirement of parent-child presence. Not hidden are additional media influences that glorify the "bad mom" or even the absent mom.

Calderone: "Childhood abandonment has become a theme, not told as a horrifying story but as one that may evoke not only curiosity but also respect."

We are standing on a precipice, indeed.

Read Calderone's article here.


Children deserve mothers who love motherhood