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Lee Cutshaw

AP Group Leader Guide Editor

Lee Cutshaw Volunteer

My name is Lee and I am currently working in the College of Public Health, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology in position of Project Coordinator.  Although I am a native of New Hampshire, I have been in Tennessee since 1995, excluding a year and a half in northern Florida.  I earned my Associate of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University, and my Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Tennessee, with a focus on Family Studies.

I have worked with women, families, and children in many capacities over the years, but most recently, I have been involved with research projects.  I have previously been employed by ETSU working on the TIPS project, addressing the concerns of smoking during pregnancy.  More recently, I was employed by Centerstone Research Institute, in collaboration with ETSU, working on the SBIRT project, primarily collecting and managing data.  I am currently working on a Master of Science in Child and Family Studies from Western Kentucky University

While away from work, I love to spend time with my family, dogs, rabbits, and horse.  Other activities I enjoy include reading, hiking, and camping.