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May 2008
Happy Belated Mothers Day! 


A hot, steamy bath is my idea of heaven. And buying scented bath bombs and shower gels is one of my favorite things to do. Yet on many gift giving holidays dear hubby goes to an upscale, heavy on the packaging, bath shop to select my goodies, while I prefer a gift certificate to a more trendy shop with environmentally conscious wrap and a huge selection. 


This year I became proactive and announced that I had signed up for a sewing DearSonclass for my Mother's Day gift. Hubby was no doubt relieved, but later my son took me aside and told me not to worry, he'd make sure I'd still get my gift certificate!


Mother's Day came early in our household via an eleven year old who knows his mother's heart.


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Carla MoquinBring That Baby To Work! 
by Carla Moquin

One day while doing research on topics for freelance articles to supplement my income as an effectively-single mother, I came across a recent news article about a company that allowed babies at work.  I had to return to work when both my children were only 4 weeks old, so I knew firsthand just how difficult early mother-baby separation could be.  I called the company for quotes and learned that they had based their program on one implemented at a similar company.

My article turned into a book as I kept finding more baby-friendly companies.  I kept hearing the same comments from companies with structured guidelines; the benefits were consistent, the babies were overwhelmingly happy, and a community-parenting dynamic occurred in all of them.  I began to realize that awareness of this phenomenon had the potential to transform our society.  I didn't want to wait to get a book published, so I created the Babies in the Workplace web site and recently founded a non-profit.

The Parenting in the Workplace Institute promotes baby-friendly workplace programs. We have identified more than 80 organizations in which employees can bring their babies to work every day, generally until the babies begin to crawl.  Babies at work tend to be overwhelmingly content, primarily because their needs are met quickly and they are held much of the time by parents and coworkers.  Mothers who take their babies to work are more likely to continue breastfeeding, and nursing on cue also keeps the babies happy and healthy.

The Institute is devoted to expanding the adoption of these baby programs as well as explaining and promoting the attachment-care principles that lead to success for businesses and for babies. If you know of an organization currently allowing babies in the workplace or if you wish to implement a baby program, please contact me or phone me at (801) 897-8702.

Thank you Carla for all the effort you put into making this happen for the parents of newborns.  We wish you great success in your endeavor!
Wise Words 

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power."


-- Maya Angelou

JamesMcKennaWhat are the long term effects on my baby of sharing a bed?
Dr. James McKenna, Director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab responds:

While advocates of solitary infant sleeping arrangements have claimed any number of benefits of infant sleeping alone, the truth of the matter is, none of these supposed benefits have been shown to be true through scientific studies. The great irony is that, not only have benefits of solitary infant sleep NOT be demonstrated - simply assumed to be true, but recent studies are beginning to show the opposite that is, it is not, for example, solitary sleeping arrangements that produce strong independence, social competence, feeling of high self esteem, good comportment by children in school, ability to handle stress, strong gender or sex identities - but it is social or cosleeping patterns that might, indeed, contribute to the emergence of these characteristics.

Please go here for rest of this article.
Co-sleeping in Hotels
One of our Group Leaders answers a question from her group
Q:  I'm looking for tips on co-sleeping with an almost two year old while traveling with one parent. I've asked the hotels if they would put a mattress on the floor, but they won't do this.

Any suggestions or resources?


A: Thanks for your question and desire to explore safe methods of co-sleeping while traveling.  Here are a few ideas which we hope will be useful:

  • Ask the hotel for a king-sized bed.  You can sleep on one side and your child in the middle.  You could put some firm cushions on the other side of the bed to prevent your child from rolling off. 
  • You could ask the hotel if they can position the bed against the wall, or have a room with the bed already against the wall. You could put cushions or pillows between the bed and the wall.
  • If you are going to be staying for a length of time, and have a bed rail that you can bring, you could bring that with you. If you are flying not driving on your trip, this might not be practical.

Many thanks to Joan DeMeyer, co-leader, API of St. Louis for this Q&A

In The News

Our own Dr. Bob was in the news again, Bob Searsthis time defending co-sleeping.

Quote from the LA Times:

Dr. Bob Sears, an Orange County pediatrician who co-wrote "The Baby Sleep Book," said some co-sleeping can be unsafe, but disagreed with the blanket statement that the practice is unsafe all the time.

"So many babies sleep so much better nestled up to a parent that many parents are doing it to get a better night's sleep," he said. "Parents aren't going to stop doing it just because the government tells them what kind of parent they should be." Click LA Times Story to read the rest.

API teaches parents how to safely co-sleep and supports the principle of Nighttime Parenting.  Please click here to learn more about safe co-sleeping practices.

Also in the news-
This month, two organizations released studies that touted the benefits of breastfeeding. The first, a literature review by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death, based in London, found that there is significant evidence that breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS. The review found that "babies who were at least partly breastfed were one-third less likely to die as a cot death [SIDS] than babies who were never breastfed."

In a second study, researchers in Canada and Belarus classified 14,000 infants into two groups: one whose mothers received breastfeeding encouragement from medical professionals and one whose mothers did not receive any special encouragement. The study found that mothers who were encouraged to breastfeed not only nursed longer, but their children benefited from a 5% increase in IQ and performed better academically. Although other studies have shown a link between increase in intelligence and breastfeeding, this is the first study that eliminated socio-economic and educational factors from the study group.

For more information on these studies, visit API's News page . For more information about the benefits of breastfeeding, see Feed with Love and Respect from The Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting.

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BabyissueAnd In The Next Issue of the Journal...
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 BillyDeanCome See Billy Dean

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