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June 2008
My Dad 
If I had to distill Attachment Parenting into its very essence, I'd say for me it was emotional responsiveness. Looked at this way, my father was very AP and his attitude had a major influence on my becoming an attachment parent.
Dad was always available when I needed someone to talk to, he never rushed me, and he took me seriously. I felt that I could tell him anything and not be afraid of his reaction, whether I was five or thirty-five years of age.
He passed away seven years ago, but the gift given to me from his respect will be with me always.
Thank you Dad, for being there when I needed you most!

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lorned2On Being a Bradley Coach
by Lorne Dannenbaum
How we gave birth to and raise our son comes logically out of the foundations of our marriage: loving and supporting each other.
When we looked at our birthing options, we investigated different venues and eventually chose a free standing birth center. We then took matters a step further and attended Bradley Method Husband-Coached Childbirth classes as well, just in case we needed to transfer to a hospital. 
Bradley had a philosophy which was in tune with our thinking.  And it got things off to a great start.  We worked as a team, husband and wife during labor and delivery.
Once our son was here, Attachment Parenting continued to support our values.  AP helped us focus on directing our energies to doing what was in the best interest of our son for his growth and well being.
Thank you DH for taking the time to share about our choices.  To find out more about Bradley Method go here.
Father-Newborn Bonding
by William Sears, MD
Most of the bonding research has focused on mother-infant bonding, with the father given only honorable mention. In recent years fathers, too, have been the subject of bonding research and have even merited a special term for the father-infant relationship at birth--"engrossment." We used to talk about father involvement; now it's father engrossment--meaning involvement to a higher degree. Engrossment is not only what the father does for the baby--holding and comforting-- but also what the baby does for the father. Bonding with baby right after birth brings out sensitivity in dad. 
Fathers are often portrayed as well meaning, but bumbling, when caring for newborns. Fathers are sometimes considered secondhand nurturers, nurturing the mother as she nurtures the baby. That's only half the story. Fathers have their own unique way of relating to babies, and babies thrive on this difference.
In fact, studies on father bonding show that fathers who are given the opportunity and are encouraged to take an active part in caring for their newborns can become just as nurturing as mothers. A father's nurturing responses may be less automatic and slower to unfold than a mother's, but fathers are capable of a strong bonding attachment to their infants during the newborn period.
Please go here to read the entire article on Bonding.
Logan+DadWays Dads Can Connect After a Day at Work
Q: My husband and I have two children under 2 to whom I have a very close relationship. Sometimes, my husband feels slighted, like they prefer me to him. I don't think this is the case: Yes, I stay home with them all day, but they are always very excited when he comes home after work. Do you have any advice for activities my husband can do with our children so he feels more connected?
A: Congratulations on having such a strong bond with your young children and wanting your husband to have that same quality of bond. Sometimes fathers can feel a little left out during the first few years, but it is important to make sure they stay involved. Young children benefit from a strong relationship with dad, even if it is not obvious during the early years.
Anything that your husband does with your two kids will help him feel more connected. What does he like to do? Attached children often want to be in the thick of things and enjoy doing whatever mom or dad is doing. Some everyday tasks he might do that they can join in include: working out in the yard (when not using motorized equipment); taking out the trash; assorted household chores--washing the dishes, putting laundry away, vacuuming.
Another thing for him to do is just be present. If he sits down on the floor and makes himself available for play, your kids are likely to involve him in whatever they are doing. If they don't, he can initiate play by starting to play with whatever is handy--building with blocks, rolling a ball around, driving vehicles around.
Reading stories is another great activity. If your youngest isn't mobile yet, it would be quite easy for your husband to hold him or her and start reading a story. Your older child is likely to join in the reading and want to sit on daddy's other knee.
As your children become more verbal, Dad can ask them how their day was. This may lead to them asking what Dad did at work today. If possible, you may want Dad to call a couple times during his workday to touch base with his kids.
Lastly, I would remind your husband to relax. Enjoy his kids. If he is tense around them, they will sense this and may not want to be with him at that moment. These first years are full of wonder and pass all too quickly. May your family enjoy them to the fullest!
Many thanks for this Q&A from our Information Team!
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boyWise Words 
Sherman made the terrible discovery that men make about their fathers sooner or later... that the man before him was not an aging father but a boy, a boy much like himself, a boy who grew up and had a child of his own and, as best he could, out of a sense of duty and, perhaps love, adopted a role called Being a Father so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector, who would keep a lid on all the chaotic and catastrophic possibilities of life. 
Tom Wolfe, The Bonfire of the Vanities
Our Growing Team  
Welcome New API Leaders and Support Groups  
API would like to welcome our newest Leaders to our team, and to thank them for their dedication to Attachment Parenting and API.  Their efforts truly make a difference in the community they serve.
New Group Leaders
  • Deanna Spangler, API of Roseville, CA


Deanna writes: This is from a recent trip to Disneyland with Larissa (3 years old) showing her posed, rehearsed 'I'm cute but this is taking too long' smile, Deanna in princess Mickey ears, and Melany (15 months), showing off her cuteness that seems to get her everything she wants.

  • Joanna and Mark Glass, Triangle API of North Carolina
  • April Clemons, API of Frederick MD
  • Natália Fialho, API of Lisboa, Portugal

New Groups

  • API of Roseville, CA
  • API of Lisboa, Portugal 

Welcome Back

  • Kendrah Nilsestuen of API of Parker, CO
  • API of Parker, CO 
For information on becoming an API Leader or starting a new API Support Group, please visit our website.
New Reading Requirements for Leader Applicants
We have revised API's reading requirements. We now refer to specific books in seven categories, and we have introduced more individual flexibility under the guidance of Lisa Feiertag, Director of Leader Applicants.  The new requirements are detailed on the 
Starting a Group page. 
In The News
Husband and wife duo launch "The Great Co-Sleeping Survey"
The Fennells have been involved in promoting safe co-sleeping for many years. As parents of six and inventors of the Humanity Family Sleeper, they know firsthand how misleading media coverage of co-sleeping can discourage families from using this important bonding and nurturing tool. Now they have launched "The Great Co-Sleeping Survey" to help raise awareness about co-sleeping, and how to do it safely. Please participate in their survey and check back next month for information about API's Safe Sleep Campaign.

API teaches parents how to safely co-sleep and supports the principle of Nighttime Parenting.  Please click here to learn more about safe co-sleeping practices.
For more information visit API's News page
Lysa Parker breastfeedingAnd In The Next Issue of The Journal... 
A Sneak Preview of the API Co-founders' Book...
 Lysa Parker Breastfeeding, 1984
Currently in the making, the Summer issue of The Journal of API is due out to your mailboxes and e-mail inboxes in July. With the theme of AP in a Non-AP World, this issue is meant to give you a boost as you strive to embrace the Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting.
Included in the pages of this issue is a sneak preview of the new Attachment Parenting book co-authored by API Co-founders Lysa Parker and Barbara Nicholson. Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children will be available for purchase later this year. 
Members that were current as of May and that chose postal delivery will receive a copy of this issue of The Journal of API in July. For members who joined after May and chose postal delivery you will receive a copy of the upcoming issue to be released in October. Members' current as of June 27 who choose or chose to receive The Journal of API in electronic format will receive their electronic edition of "AP in a Non AP World" at the beginning of July. If you are not receiving your journal and believe you should be, please contact our Member Liaison Stephanie Petters. Not a member, join today to receive upcoming editions of The Journal of API.
Interested in writing about your experiences as an Attachment Parent? The Journal of API is now accepting article submissions and advertising placements for the following issues. Submission deadlines are:

  • Fall 2008 - AP and the Growing Child (parenting children ages 5 through adult, school options) - July 11th
  • Winter 2008-2009 - Healing Childhood Wounds (using AP to change the patterns of our past, controlling anger and anxiety) - October 10th
  • Spring 2009 - annual New Baby issue (procedures, interventions, and decisions during pregnancy, childbirth, and the early newborn days) - January 11th
  • Summer 2009 - Feeding with Love & Respect (breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, introducing solids, helping older children learn to choose nutritious foods) - April 11th

If you're interested in submitting an article, contact Editor Rita Brhel.
If you're interested in advertising in The Journal of API, contact Advertising Manager Corrina Milito.

NeufeldBookAPI Reads Selection for June and July
Hold On to Your Kids by Gorden Neufeld, Ph.D. and Gabor Mate, M.D.
"Children today increasingly look to their peers for direction--their values, identity, and codes of behavior.  This "peer orientation" undermines family cohesion, interferes with healthy development, and fosters a hostile and sexualized youth culture.  Children end up becoming overly conformist, desensitized, and alienated, and being "cool" matters more to them than anything else.
Hold On to Your Kids explains the causes of this crucial breakdown of parental influence--and demonstrates ways to "reattach" to sons and daughters, establish the proper hierarchy in the home, make kids feel safe and understood, and earn back your children's loyalty and love.  By helping to reawaken parenting instincts innate to us all, this book will empower parents to be for their children what nature intended: a true source of contact, security, and warmth."
-excerpt from back of book  
To purchase book please go here. And to participate in lively and insightful discussions on our new book, please go here.

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For other team positions go here.
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