Evaluating Childcare

Working and Alternate Care Givers

This Principle is not complete without reading API's Eight Principles of Parenting Introduction -- important information for understanding the context API's Principles of Parenting.

If neither parent can be a full-time caregiver, then a child needs someone who is not only consistent and loving, but has formed a bond with them and consciously provides care in a way that strengthens the attachment relationship.

  • Explore a variety of economic and work arrangement options to permit your child to be cared for by one or both parents at all times
  • It is extremely important to have continuity of care with a consistent, loving, caregiver
  • Parents should expect and encourage their child to form an attachment to the caregiver
  • Frequent turnover of caregivers can be very damaging to the attachment process
  • Make the transition to a caregiver well in advance of any separation so that it is a gradual process and is comfortable for the child
  • Minimizing the number of hours in non-parental care as much as possible provides the best opportunity for a child to build secure attachments with parents
  • Holding and cuddling helps parents and babies reconnect after being apart. Include the child in day-to-day tasks, and spend non-work time with family

For more information on evaluating childcare, consult the following API resources.

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