Best Relationship with your Child: Creative Quality Time by Margot Sunderland

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With all the pressures of modern day parenting, quality time with your baby or child has never been more precious. Many parents want something deeper and more significant than the usual going to the park, the playgroup or watching TV together. This film will offer that. It's packed with ideas for together times to strengthen your relationship in enduring ways, offering the richest shared experiences. The creative activities for quality time are designed to transport you together into the world of sensation, imagination, wonder, delight and shared laughter. Using the latest brain science research and featuring footage of the loveliest parent-child connections, this film aims not only to enrich your relationship now, but to create memories for life.



2. PARENT-CHILD PUPPET PLAY: Learn how to support parent-child communication with these delightful little puppet people. Using puppets to help your child think about feelings. 

3. PARENT-CHILD STORY TIME AND BOOKS: Learn how to help your baby or child develop a love of books. How to bring books to life. Using props to increase the specialness of story time.

4. PARENT-CHILD MESSY PLAY: Learn the delights of shared messy play and the wonders of the tactile. Understand how these 'enriched environments' can trigger brain fertilisers enhancing child development. A wealth of ideas for messy play quality time. The three stages of messy play. Messy play for fussy eaters.

6. PARENT-CHILD SENSORY PLAY: Learn how sensory play can transport you both out of the ordinary into the exquisite, developing your child's capacity for awe, wonder and activating pro-social brain chemical systems.

7. PARENT-CHILD SMALL WORLD PLAY: A wealth of ideas on how to engage your child in small world play, helping them with life events, past, present and future.

Running time: 1 hour 27 minutes

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