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Why does it matter if you find a parenting support group?

Submitted by Rita Brhel on 19 August 2022

I love my group

Meet other parents and new friends, feel replenished, and nourish your parenting knowledge by connecting with a group! 

Parent groups are held all over the world and in every kind of place. Groups meet monthly, or more frequently in libraries, community centers, office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, homes, conference and event centers, parks, coffee shops...

Peer leaders are the glue that makes it all work. Leaders are instrumental in organizing both the physical logistics and tending the group dynamics that are necessary for parents to feel safe and experience successful and enjoyable meetings. Leaders are prepared to encourage parents to share in a format that allows parents to focus on research-based information that help parents reel replenished, nourished and encouraged in practicing effective parenting skills.

Your success as a parent group leader means that parents, children, and families in your community flourish. To spark more flourishing, we've created a free, self-paced Leader Guide.