Volunteer Staff

The small but mighty staff of Attachment Parenting International (API) is made up of a core group of volunteers dedicated to the Eight Principles and to promoting Attachment Parenting in the community. Their hard work can only continue with support from members and donors like you. Won't you consider helping them continue their good work?

Contacting Us

Attachment Parenting International 
P.O. Box 4615 
Alpharetta, GA 30023 
phone/fax (800) 850-8320

If you have a comment or concern, or want to help with a project, feel free to contact us directly by email, by leaving a message at (800) 850-8320, or, if you are unsure which person you need to contact, by submitting a message on our Contact Us page. We will return your email or phone message as soon as possible. You may also wish to check out API's FAQ section for answers to many common questions.

Volunteer Staff Directory

The following teams make up API's Volunteer Staff. For a list of available volunteer positions amongst these teams, review our volunteer descriptions.

Samantha Gray

Executive Director
Business Management Team Coordinator
Parenting This Week Newsletter Editor

Attachment Parenting International's Executive Director and Business Management Coordinator, Samantha Gray, works with API's staff, Board of Directors and Business Management Team members to ensure that our organization is continuing to meet the mission and vision of API. She also ensures that all aspects of our organization are running efficiently and effectively.

She welcomes comments and concerns about API or information that you might not be able to address with another staff member.

Art Yuen

Business Development Team Coordinator
Journal of Attachment Parenting Research Editor
Research Fluency Editor

Art Yuen is API's Knowledge Coordinator and an API accredited leader of API NYC. She holds a degree in finance-accounting and practiced business analysis and research in the financial industry before shifting her focus to the social sciences and parenting fields.  Art serves API in business roles and is increasingly involved in initiatives to develop, compile and disseminate API’s research base.  She lives in NYC with her husband and two children.

Rita Brhel

Publications Team Coordinator
The Attached Family Editor
Interim Editor, Leader Connections

Rita leads our fast-growing Publications Team. This team works to provide amazing digital and print publications that not only offer parenting support but also education regarding the science behind Attachment Parenting. Rita is also API's editor of our wonderful quarterly publication, The Attached Family Magazine. She manages various aspects of The Attached Family, including content, layout, and production communications.

If you have comments or concerns about The Attached Family Magazine or another one of our publications or would like to submit an article for one of our upcoming issues, please contact Rita.

Lisa Feiertag

Leader Applicant Liaison

Lisa oversees the application process for people interested in becoming API Support Group Leaders. Lisa works with leader applicants from the beginning of their process, learns more about their understanding of Attachment Parenting, level of empathy, and leadership abilities, and assists them as they complete the process of becoming support group leaders.

Please contact Lisa if you have questions about the application process or if you would like to begin the process of becoming an API Support Group Leader.

Leader Liaison/Education & Support Team Coordinator

The Leader Liaison provides assistance and support to API Support Group Leaders and Resource Leaders striving to educate and support parents practicing AP throughout the world. If you are an API Leader needing assistance, please contact the Leader Liaison.

The Education and Support Team Coordinator works with a skilled and dedicated team. We are focused and committed to offering a variety of tools, resources, and materials to API Leaders, Leader Applicants, volunteers, members and communities. Projects include enhancing and updating processes and procedures that impact our organization, creating and distributing resources and materials intended to provide ongoing growth and satisfaction, and creating and maintaining connection with those who give their time, energy and resources to API. Anyone wishing to offer ideas or time to assist with API's focus of education and support can contact the Education and Support Team Coordinator. We welcome and appreciate your input and contribution.

Stephanie Petters

Membership Liaison
"API Reads" Section Editor

API's Membership Team is coordinated by Stephanie Petters. She and her team work to improve and maintain API's growing Family, Professional, and AP Friendly membership programs. This team also aims to offer timely responses to questions or concerns regarding membership.

Naomi Davidson

Technology Coordinator

Naomi has a B.S. in Business Management and brings 20 years of professional technology experience to API. She currently works from home full-time as an IT Business Analyst for Burkhart Dental Supply which she has been employed with since 2001. Naomi’s motto in life is "Be passionate." She feels that volunteering for API as the Technology Coordinator and an API Leader, is the best way to feed both her passions -- Attachment Parenting and Technology. Naomi is happily married with 4 adult step-children that she loves as her own and 2 young daughters who are her life at home. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and exploring nature with her family.

Patricia Mackie

"Forget Me Not" Section Editor
Professionals Resource Highlight Newsletter Editor
Professional Liaison

Patricia Mackie is API's Professional Liaison, and is an API accredited leader of Naperville API. She has a Masters degree in clinical psychology, with a specialty in marriage and family therapy. Originally from Alaska, Patricia and her husband Joe are raising their two amazing kids in Chicagoland, where she feels privileged to be surrounded by an amazing community of AP families.

Please contact Patricia if you are a Professional who works with families or in the field of attachment.

Kit Jenkins

Communications Team

Jennifer Yarbrough

Advertising Account Manager

Jennifer, mom of twin three year old boys, holds a BS in Business Administration and has a background in advertising and sales, with experience working at two universities. Jennifer is currently working on her API Leader accreditation and works part-time from home as a virtual assistant. She is passionate about attachment parenting and hopes to be able to help parents, especially parents of multiples and/or children with special needs, learn more about attachment parenting. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and twins, who always keep her laughing and learning.

Kelly Bartlett

Facebook Page Coordinator

Kelly is a contributing editor and monthly columnist for The Attached Family magazine on the topic of positive discipline. She is a freelance writer as well as an API Leader and a Certified Positive Discipline Educator. You can find more of Kelly's work at www.kellybartlett.net.

Alexis Santman

Educational Materials Development

I am the mom of a wonderfully wild 2 year old son named Cash. I have a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a focus on Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I currently work part time for a Chiropractor and am so fortunate to be able to do a lot of that work from home. I love being a mom more than anything, am a proud supporter of Attachment Parenting and love finding ways to share the messages of API. My husband Shane, Cash and I love to go camping, and love traveling pretty much anywhere there is a beach to be played on.

Alissa Smith

APtly Said blogger

Alissa and her family (son Solomon, 1 and husband Levi) live in Denver, CO. She has been a childcare provider for the last 6 years, and brings her experiences with families of all shapes and sizes to API. Please visit her website at www.anewhistory.com for more information as she strives to live purposefully through attachment parenting, purposeful homemaking, and more.

Alma L. Ramos-Gilbert

Spanish Translator – Project Based

Alma L. Ramos-Gilbert has a BS in Communication with a double major in Spanish. She's also a Social Worker, graduate of Columbia University School of Social Work. Alma is a native Spanish speaker and originally from Puerto Rico. She recently moved from NYC to Omaha, NE, where she hopes to become involved with the local chapter in Lincoln. Having worked in the communications field since 1997, Alma enjoys helping others and using media outlets to express different points of views. Alma became interested in Attachment Parenting prior to the birth of her 3 year-old son in 2006. Alongside her husband, she has enjoyed actively practicing attachment parenting. The hardest thing about her son growing up according to Alma, is not being able to wear him any longer!

Amanda Nicolosi

Data Administrator

Amanda has a BS degree from Georgia Tech and worked the past 11 years in the IT industry with focus in large database management systems. Mandy is now a full time stay at home mother. She and her son enjoy their days exploring nature and enjoying life. Mandy enjoys her drawing hobby and aspires to write children's books. Mandy has been an active member of API of North Fulton GA since 2006.

Amy Dorn

Project Assistant

Amy Dorn received her BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia. She worked for many years in banking and finance, most recently as an equity trader for Morgan Keegan & Co. (now Raymond James). She and her husband, Chris, have recently become first time parents to their son, Graye. Amy was introduced to API through infant massage and Barbara Nicholson.

Ashley Ryan

Contributing Editor

Ashley Ryan is co-founder of Busy Moms Parenting and author of The Happy Child Guide, whose mission is to help mothers achieve greater home, work and life balance through self-love and empowerment. Ashley spent many years looking into the "modern mothers dilemma" of maintaining balance in our busy, fast paced culture. She lived overseas in India and Asia to inquire into this global epidemic working with many of the world's leading parenting authorities. Ashley continues to help mothers live their fullest potential and strongly believes that "busy moms can have great kids too".

Beatriz Collado

Assistant Volunteer Liaison

Beatriz Collado is joining API as the assistant volunteer liaison. Beatriz Collado has a B.A. in English and Education and an M.S. in Literacy and Learning. Beatriz has been a teacher of Language Arts in Winter Garden, FL for the past 7 years and has recently moved to Long Island in New York. She is now a stay at home mom to her daughter, Riley. Beatriz is the proud mother of two girls, Charlie Elizabeth and Riley Soledad.

Bonnie Coffa

Grant writer

Bonnie is a mother to a rambunctious, delightful 2 yr old boy and a scientist. She has a PhD in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University and currectly resides in Richmond, VA. She is a Texas native (San Antonio), who recently moved from Nashville, TN (where she first learned about AP, thanks to the wonderful women in the Nashville API chapter). She is interested in utilizing her skills (grant writing) and training to promote and educate families about the benefits of attachment parenting.

Bonnie Maize

Assistant Leader Liaison

Bonnie has a B.S. from Kansas State University and a J.D. from Washburn University School of Law. She's now a full-time mom to two amazing boys, and enjoys knitting, reading, volunteering, and gardening in her spare time.

Camille North

API Links Editor

An attached parent of a preteen, a tween, and a teen, Camille North volunteers withAPI Links and blogs on APtly Said. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband of fifteen years and fills her days with homeschooling her three children. She has a master's degree in biopsychology and spent her pre-mom life in scholarly publishing. A Leader-in-Training with API, Camille is most interested in showing families with young children that Attachment Parenting continues to be just as important with older children as it is with babies and toddlers. She blogs about homeschooling, parenting, and her chaotic, eclectic life at The Eclectic Mom.

Christy Sensenig

Office Manager

Christy is joining the API team as Office Manager. She has two amazing children, ages 7 and 21, and has an incredibly supportive husband. She has experience and certification in working with children that have intellectual differences and their families, and with children in foster/adoptive care. She is currently traveling full-time with her family in a 38-ft motor home with the world as their backyard. She is so excited to be a part of the API team and looks forward to serving families through this wonderful organization.

Dedra Keoshian

Forum Administrator

Dedra is the Administrator of Attachment Parenting International's Online Forums. The forums provide members of the AP community an opportunity to discuss API's Principles of Parenting, connect with others in their area, and much more. If you have any questions about the forums, or an interesting and creative idea for generating revenue through it, please contact Dedra.

Denise Durkin

Publications Contributing Editor
Online Contributor

Denise Durkin, M.A., is an early childhood mental health consultant who specializes in helping caregivers with their children's ‘challenging' behaviors. Mental health is holistic health – the health of the whole child. When we use multiple lenses through which to view a child to keep them feeling safe and balanced, they have greater capacities for developing strong self-regulation skills needed for successes throughout life. Denise blogs about all ages of children from this perspective of discerning what a child's behaviors are telling us, and how by seeing the child and approaching challenging behaviors through these lenses of holism, we can immediately help almost any child. Denise's website is www.OurHolisticKids.com.

Holly Brewster

Treasury Resource Liaison, E&S Team

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Chris, my 4 year-old daughter Lucy, and 1 year-old son Simon. I am a long-time member and treasurer of the South Austin chapter of API. This group has been invaluable to my experience as a parent and I enjoy giving back at the local and national level. In addition to numerous volunteer positions, I also really enjoy playing soccer, gardening, and cooking. I am a lawyer and before having kids I was the Procurement Director at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. My husband Chris is also an attorney, plays the banjo, and is an amazing partner in this parenting adventure.

Jenni Ascher

Teleseminar Transcriptionist

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and I am mama to Joey, 6, and Ina, 2. I have been involved with API locally since my son was a baby. I have benefited from API in so many ways - being supported and offering support and also increasing my education as a parent. I love to give back to a great organization that has given me so much information over my years of parenting. I am a music educator by degree, and play marimba in my spare time. I am a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) and work from home in addition to staying home with my children. I will be using these skills to assist API in transcribing teleseminars to have these available in text format.

Jessica Monte

Publications Photographer, Publications Team

Jessica Monte is a passionate professional photographer in the Washington, D.C. metro area. After completing degrees in English and pursuing work as a writer and teacher, Jessica discovered photography, a love and an art that grows with her everyday. Capturing those most precious of moments and making them last is what gives meaning to her work. Jessica specializes in fine art portraiture for children, newborns and maternity, and weddings. Her philosophy as a photographer is to establish a connection with clients and create a fun, playful atmosphere where good photos happen. Because of her background in writing and editing, Jessica's close eye for detail and precision as well as her intuition for knowing what works allows her to create the perfect photos for a wide range of clients.

Jessica is excited to create and contribute photographs for Attachment Parenting International. Photos that emulate love, connection, and family are at the heart of her work. She hopes that her work helps to strengthen relationships between parents, children, and the family's community at large.

Jillian Amodio

APtly Said blogger

Jillian Amodio is an author, writer, speaker, and Attachment Parenting advocate. First and foremost however she is a wife and mother. Jillian believes that family is life's most precious gift. Her passion for family and parenting has led her to devote much of her work to educating others about topics pertaining to family, marriage, and parenting. Visit her website and blog to learn more about her work.

Judy Sanders

Older Child/Teen Editor for The Attached Family

Judy connected with La Leche League in 1965 and has been involved ever since, serving in many ways, including time on the LLLI Board of Directors. Judy and her husband, Gordy, raised five children: Rick, Dave, Kathleen, John, and Maria. She cannot imagine who they all would have been without the loving philosophy of LLL woven into their family. Twelve grandchildren enrich her life. She delights in seeing her children and their spouses matter-of-factly and lovingly parenting their unique families.

Judy edited Northwest Baby & Child, a Seattle newspaper for families with babies and small children. She has worked as a professional actress and produced vocal concerts. Among her volunteer work she served as a court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children. Judy lives in Seattle and exchanges grins with babies whenever possible.

Julie Hunter

API's Spanish Translator

Julie is API's Spanish translator and has been working with the Leader Applicant Liaison to help Spanish-speaking applicants through the process of becoming leaders. She is currently working on translating API's Leader Guidelines into Spanish. Julie lived in Spain for five years before returning to the United States, where she worked as a Spanish professor before her daughter was born. She is excited about helping get the word out about API in Spanish-speaking countries. Please feel free to contact Julie if you have any questions or need anything translated into or from Spanish.

Julie es la traductora de español de API y ha estado trabajando con la Leader Applicant Liaison para ayudar a los candidatos con el proceso de convertirse en lideres de los grupos de apoyo. También traduce los Leader Guidelines de API al español. Julie vivió en España por cinco años antes de volver a EEUU, donde trabajó como profesora de español antes de empezar su familia. Julie está muy contenta al ayudar a promover API en los países de habla hispana. Por favor, póngase en contacto con Julie si tiene cualquier duda o pregunta, o si necesita algo traducido al/del español.

Katelynne Eid

Publications Contributing Editor

I am a relatively new stay-at-home mom to a wonderful baby girl, Morganna. I love being home to help her explore the world and watch her learn new things every day! I am passionate about empowering parents to make informed decisions and trusting their gut when it comes to raising their children. I am working with API as a volunteer writer and web editor.

Kathleen Mitchell-Askar

Pregnancy & Birth Editor and the Feeding with Love & Respect Editor
The Attached Family Senior Contributing Editor

I am a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful children. I enjoy playing with my kids at the park, going to the beach, and doing yoga. I did not know about attachment parenting as a philosophy until after the birth of my second child but practiced it naturally with my first. I believe attachment parenting makes children and parents happy, and happy families will go into the world as peaceful people and make a positive difference.

Kathryn Abbott

Connections Editor

Kathryn Abbott has been passionate about AP ever since she looked into her newborn daughters' eyes over seven years ago. She has volunteered with API in some way since 2008 and currently serves as a co-leader for a local support group. Kathryn and her husband, Chris, have two sparkling daughters, who are their inspiration. Chris's Navy career keeps them moving around the country and this has helped Kathryn know the value and importance of support for the parenting journey. She loves spending her days with her children, reading, being in nature, gardening and creating community.

Kelly Johnson

Events Assistant

I am a stay at home mom with an amazing 4 month old son. I practice co-sleeping, babywearing and breastfeeding. I have a BBA in Finance and a BS in Accounting. I'm trying to get my own business going so I can continue to stay at home. I love sewing and crafting in general, as well as making cloth diapers and accessories. I am always on the quest to make my home more "green", so I make most of my own cleaners. I also blog in my free time.

Lauren Osborne

Pinterest Liaison

Lauren is responsible for the API Pinterest presence. This includes keeping Pinterest up to date with the most relevant API information and to keep it as an active source for those looking to learn about API. She is the mother of a sweet toddler little boy who keeps her on the go. Lauren has benefited immensely from API and hopes to provide ways for others to know about API. She is also in the process of becoming an API Leader. Lauren is an avid reader and enjoys the outdoors and family time with her husband, son and dog.

Leyani Redditi

"Ask a Leader" Section Editor
Assistant Leader Applicant Liaison

Leyani has extensive experience as a teacher and teacher educator. She currently co-leads the API of Greater Atlanta chapter. Originally from San Francisco, she now lives with her husband and two young daughters near Atlanta, GA.

Ingrid Prosch

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Julia Fuller-King

API Advocacy Manager

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Journal of Attachment Parenting Research Editor

Dr. Kendall-Tackett is a health psychologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Praeclarus Press, a small press specializing in women's health. Dr. Kendall-Tackett is Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Lactation, Fellow of the American Psychological Association in Health and Trauma Psychology, President of the APA Division of Trauma Psychology, and Editor-in-Chief-elect of Psychological Trauma. She is a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Amarillo, Texas and Research Associate at the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. 
Dr. Kendall-Tackett specializes in women's-health research including breastfeeding, depression, trauma, and health psychology. Her research interests include the psychoneuroimmunology of maternal depression and the lifetime health effects of trauma. Dr. Kendall-Tackett has won several awards for her work including the 2013 Outstanding Research Poster Award from the U.S. Lactation Consultant Association, the 2011 Community Faculty Award from the Department of Pediatrics, Texas Tech University School of Medicine, and the 2011 John Kennell and Marshall Klaus Award for Excellence in Research from DONA International (with co-recipient, Tom Hale). She has authored more than 390 articles or chapters and is the author or editor of 24 books on maternal depression, family violence and breastfeeding. Her most recent books include: Psychology of Trauma 101 (2014), The Science of Mother-Infant Sleep (2013), Depression in New Mothers, 2nd Edition (2010), The Psychoneuroimmunology of Chronic Disease (2010), Trauma & Physical Health (2009), and How to Write for a General Audience (2007). She is also co-author (with Nancy Mohrbacher) of Breastfeeding Made Simple, 2nd Edition (2010).  A full listing of her books is available at UppityScienceChick.com, BreastfeedingMadeSimple.com, KathleenKendall-Tackett.com, and PraeclarusPress.com.


Lisa Chiu

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Lisa Lord

Editor of TheAttachedFamily.com
The Attached Family Lead Content Editor

Lisa is editor of TheAttachedFamily.com and copy editor for several API publications. A native of southern Maine, Lisa now lives near Dublin, Ireland, with her Irish husband and two young boys. She has worked both in health care as a registered dietitian and in hedge fund administration.

Maryam Jadali

Legal Advisor, Business Team

Maryam Jadali is an attorney, specializing in business law. She graduated law school magna cum laude. She also has a B.S. in Business Management from Stony Brook University, where she graduated with honors as well. Maryam has experience working as an attorney for small law firms, big international law firms, well-known international corporations, as well as volunteer lawyers associations. Maryam has a 2 year old daughter, Mina, whom she loves spending time with. Maryam enjoys the company of her family and friends, traveling to new and familiar places, reading and learning, and a good cup of coffee/tea. Maryam has a passion for children's rights and their right to be treated with respect, compassion and love. Maryam leads API's initiative to bring Attachment Parenting to those involved in the legal system and families in need.

Michel Rasmussen

Graphic Designer

Michelle Dunne

Forum Moderator

I am a stay-at-home mom to six fabulous children, ages 22 to 6. I am currently homeschooling the youngest, whose birth was the catalyst for my husband and me to transition from non-ap parenting to embracing the 8 attachment principles of API. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, reading,scrapbooking, and learning every day. I value my faith in God, my commitment to spending time with my extended family, and living the most authentic way possible. API has encouraged me to dig deep and follow my instincts. I hope to support other parents in doing the same thing.

Naomi Aldort

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Naomi Aldort is the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves. Parents from around the globe seek Aldort's advice by phone, in person and through her workshopsteleclasses, by reading her book and by listening to her CDs/MP3. She is an engaging public speaker who has lectured in conferences, colleges and private events. Aldort's guidance has transformed the lives of families around the world. Her advice columns and interviews appear in attachment parenting, homeschooling and other progressive parenting magazines worldwide in English and other languages.

Naomi Dwyer

Leader Focus Group, E&S Team

She is the mother of Owen, Emmett and Irene. She lives in Frederick Maryland where she co-leads the local API group. In addition to working with the leader focus group she also is a moderator on the API forums. Outside of her family and API activities she also runs a local chapter of a birth support group, helps administrate a peer to peer breastmilk sharing group and runs the FB based 'I Nursed in Public in Frederick, Maryland' to help normalize NIP in her area. She also blogs at standardspicywhatnot.blogspot.com

She enjoys cooking, sewing and painting. Naomi genuinely enjoys her time at home with her kids and adores being together with her middle school teacher husband, Brian.

Nat Fialho

The Attached Family International Content Editor

Nilufer Devecigil

Turkish Translator

Nilufer Devecigil, M.A received Transpersonal Counseling Psychology degree from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. She has been a practicing psychotherapist specializing in parent-child relationships and developmental issues. She is currently working at Kuraldisi in Istanbul practicing play therapy. She also has her own private practice where she gives seminars on parenting and provides counseling for both children and adults. She has a 3.5 year old girl called Irmak.

Rivkah Estrin

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Sandy Donovan

Communications Team

Sandy works with the API research and communications teams, including bringing API's featured research to parents through its annual AP Month education campaigns.

Sandy Gordon Frankfort

Contributing Editor for APtly Said

Sandy Gordon Frankfort is a proud Attachment Parent and loving Mother of two boys. Sandy founded her company Baby Love Wrap based on her firm beliefs in Attachment Parenting. She writes in order to connect and share with others on this amazing journey of Life. Please join Sandy and her family on their trip around the world at Four Love of the Globe and get involved in the discussions all things, Parenting, Life and Love. Stay connected on Facebook as well on Baby Love Wrap and Four Love of the Globe. Much Love and Support to all of you doing the most important and rewarding job on Earth.

Sheena Sommers

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Shoshana Hayman

The Attached Family Senior Contributing Editor

Stacy Jagger

Contributing Editor

Stacy Jagger, MMFT, is the founder of Music with Mommie, a high-energy, interactive mom/child connecting class that strengthens relationships while teaching important life skills to young children through music, movement and creative play. Stacy has a Bachelors Degree in Music and Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with the focus of her private practice on womens' issues, parenting, mom/child attachment and family play therapy. She speaks and sings for retreats, conferences and women’s events, and lives with her husband and three children on a hobby farm outside her hometown of Nashville, TN. www.musicwithmommie.com  www.stacyjagger.com

Stephanie Dahl

Responding with Sensitivity Editor for The Attached Family

Stephanie Dahl is a National Board Certified teacher with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She left her teaching career shortly after the adoption of her first child and prior to the birth of her first biological child. She has been a member of API since 2008. Writing has been a vehicle for understanding and improving her experiences and roles as a mother. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two daughters.

Suzanne P. Reese

The Attached Family Contributing Editor

Suzy Landreth

Forum Senior Moderator

I am the mother to eight children, four boys and four girls ranging in age from 25-6. I am a longtime volunteer. I lead the API of Lincoln, Nebraska group and have been an API Leader since November 2011. I have been a La Leche League Leader since January 1995 and along with my husband, Tim, taught natural family planning through the Couple to Couple League for eight years. I have been involved in scouting and church-related organizations for over 15 years and have ran various support groups and co-operative classes in our local homeschool community for close to 20 years. I am forever grateful to La Leche League and API for giving me permission to listen to my children and guiding me along the way. Having raised four amazing children into young adulthood, I can say with confidence that AP works!

Victoria Brown

Leader Admin Assistant

Victoria Brown is the mother of seven children ages 21 - 5. She received her Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering and Zoology. She worked in engineering before having children. She then started working in the field of lactation. She has been a Leader with LLLI for 19 years and an IBCLC for 10 years. She has taught child birth classes for about 15 years. She has been actively involved with groups involved with maternal and infant health. She founded the NC Friends of Midwives in 1997. She currently teaches Kindermusik and reinforces the principles of attachment parenting in her classes.

Leigh Kaminski-Wohar

Parent Education Team

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and a Master's Degree in Education. I am a proud stay-at-home Mama to my son, Luke Owen, who was born in May 2012. I didn't know much about Attachment Parenting before I had Luke, but my instinctual way of responding to him and raising him over the past year has led me to API. I am thrilled to be volunteering with so many wonderful, like-minded people.

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