How to Become a Co-leader of an Existing API Group

If you are interested in becoming a co-leader of an existing API Support Group, please read API's Eight Principles of Parenting and the Leader Guidelines to ensure you agree with them. Each potential group leader should fill out the "Application for Approval as an Attachment Parenting International (API) Leader", which is available as an online form or a printable document. API requires two recommendation forms of which one should come from one of the group's current leaders. The application and recommendation forms are available from existing group leaders or may be sent mail or fax upon request. If a group has more than one leader there is no distinction between them in title. All API-approved leaders are equal.

Each applicant is required to pay the application fee, be a member of API, and to read and participate in a dialogue about the API Leader's Manual during the application process. Groups may pay the application fee for applicants from the support group treasury. The application fee is $30.00 (US$) plus a $20 (US$) deposit, for a total of $50 (US$). The $20 (US$) deposit will be returned to the applicant upon accreditation, or may be applied to group dues, leader dues, group library, or donated back to API.

The completed application should be submitted to Lisa Feiertag, API Leader Applicant Liaison, by mail (P.O. Box 4104, Frederick, MD, 21701 USA), fax (800-850-8320), or e-mail. If you are enclosing a check or money order (for application and/or membership fees), please mark the check payable to Attachment Parenting International. Fees may also be paid through our Leader Applicant Store. An applicant from a country other than the United States should use an international money order.

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within five working days. A period of correspondence is required before completing the application process and it will include reviewing API's Eight Principles of Parenting and Leader Guidelines, understanding support group facilitation, practicing helping situations and becoming familiar with API's Leader Manual. During the process you will be invited to join the API Leaders' forums. Upon completion of the leader accreditation process, we will send a letter of congratulations, welcome materials, and the support group will be listed on the API website.

Required Reading:

During the application process, you will be required to read and review approximately seven resources. Our intention is for leader applicants to be:

  • Knowledgeable about Attachment Parenting information, theory, and practice;
  • Prepared to share ideas and resources with other parents; and
  • Able to use effective communication techniques when helping parents


Applicants are required to read and review the following three books:

In addition applicants will be required to pick four other resources to review. The list of approved materials will be sent during the correspondence period with the Leader Applicant Liaison. In instances where the applicant lacks experience with a particular API Principle, additional reading may be required. Materials other than the ones listed may be substituted at the discretion of the Leader Applicant Liaison, and exceptions to our requirements will be made for non-English speaking applicants.

While these books contain valuable information, they may also include some passages that do not follow API philosophy. For example, API does not support spanking or hurting children. Please use your own discretion in reading these books or in considering any parenting philosophy.

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