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Information for Professionals

Information for Professionals

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Our resources for parents aren't complete without trusted professionals they can turn to. Your care and treatment of children and families will be further supported by our resources.

Professionals advocating AP include:

  • Physicians
  • Specialists
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Researchers
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Health workers
  • Teachers
  • Childbirth Educators
  • Doulas

We review and share peer-reviewed researchers in wide-ranging fields of study related to parenting, learning, child development and health. We apply this knowledge to resources that parents and professionals can trust will lead to supporting parents in using effective skills, reducing stress and gaining parenting confidence that leads to healthy child outcomes. 

Professionals incorporating the Principles of Parenting in their work engage in one of the most effective and empowering prevention strategies possible: Nurturing families and communities by building strong connections between parents and their children.