API cofounder shares AP with DatingAdvice.com

API's cofounder Lysa Parker was interviewed by DatingAdvice.com on attachment.

Read the full article where Lysa shares Attachment Parenting International's mission and discusses resources to raise well adjusted children and nurture relationships. Parents shape a child’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in so many ways. From the moment a mother holds her newborn in her arms, she begins imparting lessons of love and determining how her child will handle relationships throughout his or her life. If you’re unsure how to raise an emotionally secure and healthy child, Attachment Parenting International has a wealth of resources to assist moms and dads. API is a nonprofit that educates and supports parents who believe in nurturing a secure attachment by treating children with love, respect, and kindness. From breastfeeding to practicing positive discipline, these methods emphasize compassionate care to give children a healthy understanding of unconditional love. Parents can join the API’s support groups or training sessions to learn childrearing strategies that foster emotional well-being and healthy connections in a child’s life.

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