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I'm afraid my child will be a spoiled brat if I don't spank him. How can I discipline him without spanking?

The real meaning of discipline is to guide and teach by example. Children basically want to please their parents when they feel loved and listened to. When your child misbehaves, parents need to examine the reasons that might have caused the misbehavior. There usually is a reason. It may be stress or major changes at home, hunger, a need for more quality attention, or overstimulation. In some cases, children's misbehavior can be caused by allergic reactions to foods or additives.

Parents can learn to anticipate situations and plan ahead. In order to discipline effectively, it's important to try to avoid overreacting by yelling or hitting. These might frighten the child into obedience in the short term, but will teach nothing in the long term. Parents teach discipline by example with loving guidance, natural and logical consequences, and talking with their child about their expectations. When parents discipline with respect, they elicit respect from their children.

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