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Content and Publications

Content and Publications

Our content team aims to explore all facets of Attachment Parenting, from educating on the importance of secure parent-child attachment to supporting parents in making family-centered choices to exploring the research behind Attachment Parenting to opening discussion among parents and professionals on the impact of parenting trends on our society. Our goal is to to promote and support parenting practices so that parents, children, families and communities flourish. 

We use all forms of media and multiple platforms and partners to reach parents and parenting professionals each month. See our content guidelines if you're interested in contributing content.

All of our content, including our publications below, is freely available.


API Links is a monthly highlight of Attachment Parenting in the news.

Parent Compass is a bimonthly message from API's cofounders, Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, on the societal impact of Attachment Parenting.



APtly Said is API's blog that offers inspiring posts two to three times per week. The blog is written by parents striving to embrace API's Eight Principles of Parenting in their families on a daily basis, giving a real-life look at Attachment Parenting in the home. Editor position: OPEN. Contact us if interested in learning about this position. Interim editor: Rita Brhel.



Attached Family is a digital magazine with a print-on-demand option. A sample of articles includes "Voices of Breastfeeding," "Loving Uniquely," "Parent Support," "The Serious Side of New Parenthood," "Making Sense of Parenting Media," "Caring for Our Children" and "Families at Play." Editor: Rita Brhel.

The Journal of Attachment Parenting is a digital listing of academic research that relates to API's Eight Principles of Parenting. Included studies have been published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals. visit our Journal of Attachment Parenting pageEditor: Art Yuen



Attached at the Heart written by API Cofounders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker


Program, Event and Partner Content