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Bottle Feeding

Bottle Nursing, Bottle Weaning, and More

API's Eight Principles of Parenting are recommended companion readings as the foundation and context for all of our research-based resources.


Bottle Nursing Tips

  • Holding baby close during feeding gives parents and caregivers a built-in opportunity to get to know each other and build healthy relationships 
  • Learning about and responding to baby's natural hunger cues and feeding positions can help parents and caregivers learn to communicate with baby and understand and respond to baby's needs. Babies thrive when they are fed while:
    • Being held close, in the crook of one elbow with the bottle held alongside the parent chest
    • Parents maintain eye contact, talk softly to baby, or sing
    • Occasionally switching to the other side
    • They are hungry, on their cue, as opposed to a schedule that does not match their hunger


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