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Infant Sleep Safety

Infant Sleep Safety that Fits All Families

Parents need clear, easy-to-use, research-backed information at birth to safely navigate baby's many sleeping hours.

Too many parents weren't getting this important information, and others struggled to use what information they were given, so we teamed up with top infant sleep experts and scientists to create the Infant Sleep Safety Guidelines.

Our free Infant Sleep Safety Guidelines are a short, but complete list of everything you need to know to keep baby's sleep safe. Everything included is available for everyone  - every family, every situation, every location, every time infant's sleep, including naps. 

The Guidelines have been widely used by professionals and parents alike and we invite you to use and share them too. 

Do you work with a hospital, health department, healthcare practitioner, or other network or community organization that works with infants and parents? Email us at and ask about our available inventory of printed brochures for you to distribute to parents and professionals in your community.


Free Resource Kit