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Join our Cause

Join our Cause

Our world needs a fundamental shift in the way it treats its children. Attachment Parenting International represents a global effort to protect the parent-child connection and create future generations of compassionate, healthy children.

Will you join with us in this monumental and critical mission?

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Nothing is more important to parents than taking care of their growing families. But, as most people soon realize, this instinctive intention can become fraught with challenge.

Millions of parents are exhausted. Some on the verge of burnout. Without realizing it, their focus begins to shift to doubt instead of confidence, fear instead of love, and control rather than connection. Instead of nurturing their family bonds and their children's potential, many parents find themselves sowing seeds of resentment and regret for dashed expectations and unfulfilled dreams. They may want support to create positive change, but don't know where to turn.

Fortunately, many parents are in pursuit of answers, in books, online, and in their communities. Here, on our Web site, they are connected to a world of knowledge, support, and, often, a referral to a local support group. They discover that API paves a way for them and their families. A way back home by beginning with the home, with the roots of where we all start: our earliest attachments.

Parents soon realize that API provides the very support they need to help them embrace the change they seek. Within a few months, the principles and practices they learn change the way they interact with their children, and, in turn, the parent-child connection deepens and grows. Over time, their thriving and compassionate children interact with yours on the soccer field, on a date, or in the work force. They connect in a positive way, because their "attached" parents modeled and fostered the capacity to share healthy, supportive relationships.

This is a glimpse of what API envisions and strives for every day. With your support, we can fulfill this global vision of nurturing children for a compassionate world in the lives of families everywhere.