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Attached at the Heart is in Turkish!


Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker announce the Turkish edition of Attached at the Heart!

You can tune into API's Instagram page to hear an interview by Dr. Aslıhan Onaran from AP Turkey of API cofounders and authors Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker on the launch of the Turkish translation "Kalpten Bagli" of Attached at the Heart!

Didem Oztop, leading professor of child psychiatry at Ankara University Medical School in Ankara states “The intergenerational healing/positive impact of this book will not just be felt by our children but our grandchildren as well.”

Attached at the Heart - New publisher and new cover!

API Statement on Forced Separation of Children at Border Policy

Attachment Parenting International condemns federal immigration policies that separate children from their parents at the U.S. border. API implores our leadership to prioritize the healthy attachment needs of all children and families, including immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. We strongly reject any immigration policies that traumatize children and their parents. API's Principle of consistent and loving care for children means that we believe in the importance of children remaining with their primary caregivers, especially in times of great stress. Decades of attachment and trauma research have shown that forced separation causes extreme and long-lasting psychological distress. API joins with the AAP, APA, APA, NASW, and many others (see links provided) in denouncing this policy.

American Academy of Pediatrics:

American Psychological Association:

American Psychiatric Association:

National Association of Social Workers:

Dr. Bruce Perry, API Advisory Board Member, on 60 Minutes

The encouraging work of Dr. Bruce Perry, expert on child trauma and Attachment Parenting International Advisory Board Member, goes prime time this Sunday! "If you have developmental trauma, the truth is you're going to be at risk for almost any kind of physical health, mental health, social health problem that you can think of," said Dr. Perry, interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for an upcoming episode of "60 Minutes." Dr. Perry is the founder of the ChildTrauma Academy in Houston. API is pleased about this attention to trauma-informed care, recognition of Dr. Perry's vital work, and the potential impact of this interview on how we see and compassionately care for children and adults. This episode of 60 Minutes airs Sunday, March 11 at 7pm EST on CBS.

PARENTING FOR WORLD HARMONY, the latest issue of Attached Family

28164672_10155459026120669_7433585611192329715_o.jpgAnnouncing PARENTING FOR WORLD HARMONY, the latest issue of Attached Family:
Editor Rita Brhel

Inside this issue, you'll find features to inspire your discussions about world peace and harmony, including:

  • Youth empowerment as peace education

  • From the family bed to the peace corps

  • New parents need attachment education

  • Nurturing doesn't spoil kids

  • For better or worse, parenting changes your child's DNA

  • Talking politics with your children

  • Infant massage with Vimala Schneider McClure

  • Random acts of kindness with Brooke Jones

  • Mindful parenting with Inga Bohnekamp

  • A look back on AP Month 2016

Attached Family: Parenting Without Shame

In this issue of Attached Family, we examine shame versus guilt and how shame contributes to emotional trauma. We look at the intersect of parenting and shame, keeping in mind that shame is a normal emotional response to certain social situations, but like anger or disappointment, when unresolved, shame can lead to lifelong difficulties.

Inside this issue, you'll find mind-bending, inspiring, and empowering features to stretch your parenting wings:

  • "What is Shame?" by API Executive Editor Rita Brhel -- defines shame, how it differs from guilt, when it crosses the line to become toxic shame, and what parents need to know
  • "Core Beliefs Color Your Parenting," also by Rita Brhel -- explains how shame-based core beliefs affect our everyday decisions, including our parenting behaviors
  • "What Makes Emotional Trauma? Fear, Disconnect and Shame," an interview with Daniela Sieff, PhD -- explores the ingredients to developing a shame-based view of oneself and what is all involved in healing, which certainly underlines the importance of prevention through parenting
  • "Parenting as a Protest Against Hate" by Lauren Gottschalk-Scher, fashion designer -- looks at how parenting can be activism
  • "What is Normal, Healthy Infant Sleep?" by API KnowledgeBase Coordinator Art Yuen -- discusses what biologically normal sleep in infants, and adults, looks like and the effects that artificial light and work productivity expectations have
  • "6 Tips to Lessen Separation Anxiety," also by Art Yuen -- looks at goodbye routines and other ideas for children and their parents when separation is necessary, such as for working parents
  • "Self-Validation Before Self-Control" by Denise Durkin, MA, parenting consultant -- explains how development of a positive self-worth must be in place first before trying to teach a child self-control
  • "Engagement vs Redirection to Create Emotional Safety," also by Denise Durkin -- describes the differences between these two discipline techniques and why engagement may be the better choice
  • "11 Ways to Parent Outside the Box" by Brooke Campbell, MA, creative therapist -- gives ideas on how to incorporate more attunement in parenting
  • "How to Heal Attachment with Your Teen" by Shoshana Hayman, Neufeld Institute Faculty -- outlines how the teenage years can reveal attachment weaknesses and how to restore a close attachment when you need to

Shame can be a difficult topic for parents. API hopes this issue of Attached Family helps you be able to explore this topic safely. API hopes you take away the idea that parents don't need to fear shame, and that Attachment Parenting is exactly how to address it in a healthy way.

API responds to 2016 AAP Statement on Infant Sleep

Infants and parents benefit from breastfeeding and sleeping near one another, reducing SIDS risk by 50%

Attachment Parenting International responds to 2016 AAP Statement on Infant Sleep

Nashville, TN. (October 26, 2016) – Attachment Parenting International (API) welcomes the AAP’s latest Statement on Infant Sleep that acknowledges the dilemma parents face in providing responsive nighttime infant care in accordance with past AAP guidelines.

API recognizes that many parents choose to keep their infant close at night to meet the infant's needs. As a result, API is encouraged that the AAP now recognizes that infants and parents both benefit by sleeping in proximity. The AAP advises parents to have infants in the same room at night instead of having them in another room, citing evidence that SIDS risk can be reduced by 50% when parents and infants sleep near each other. This advice improves support of the physiologically vulnerable infant by a responsive parent, and ideally will help parents avoid controversial practices of sleep training, “cry it out” methods, or solitary infant sleep.

Further, API is pleased that the AAP’s statement acknowledges that breastfeeding is associated with lower SIDS rates and that nighttime proximity improves breastfeeding rates. These new recommendations also recognize and understand that a parent may fall asleep while meeting the needs of the infant, and that falling asleep with an infant in a proactively prepared bed is preferable to falling asleep with an infant in a chair, couch or other unsafe location.

Parents seek solutions to get enough sleep at night while they also desire to respond to and care for their infants. Practical guidelines that recognize the critical parenting role and related challenges can help parents attend to their infant’s needs at night while avoiding risky products or products that do not provide the full benefits of sleeping in proximity, such as baby monitors, and avoiding falling asleep in chairs, rockers or sofas.

API urges the AAP to continue to examine recommendations that separate the mother-baby dyad during sleep. Breastfeeding mothers have always slept with their children as a matter of health and safety. Better data and accurate reporting of the causes of the tragic instances of infant death in the parent bed will help clarify and individualize recommendations. It is important to ensure that experts are not promoting cultural practices that undermine health and well being in the short and long term.

API advocates for practices that are dedicated to the physical and emotional safety of infants as well as long term health of all children; that empower parents to be educated on infant sleep, arousal, and breathing; and for decisions that are based in accurate data and compatible with biological needs. For more information on API’s Principle on ensuring safe sleep, emotionally and physically, please visit

For information on API infant sleep safety guidelines, including a free brochure for download, please visit

Additional guidelines for safe sleeping are available at

For the full AAP guidelines visit

API's Online Auction is Open: Bid Today!

API's Online Auction is Open:  Bid Today!
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Soak up plenty of daily AP Month peace and harmony as the AP Month celebration continues through October 31.

Nurturing Peace for World Harmony - AP Month 2016!

As parents, we’re peacemakers by default.

Sure, we all fall short sometimes:  who of us isn’t tired, cranky, annoyed and just worn down at times?

But we’re all graced with unlimited chances, so this October, AP Month is for you.  Join us.  AP Month is about celebrating and supporting each other as we strive for more peace and harmony in our families.

Here’s how to get involved:

Send your photos to add to our wall of harmony! Help us share a virtual smile and hug with each other and the world.

Subscribe to APtly Said (API’s blog) for daily doses of Peace and Harmony every day of October!

Email to donate items to our online auction (proceeds benefit API’s mission).

Bid in our exciting and popular online auction October 18 – 31! (link coming soon)

Share AP Month with everyone you know and spread the word: Peace and Harmony are “in” this month!

What: Attachment Parenting International (API), along with the Sears family and other prominent AP supporters, declared October to be Attachment Parenting (AP) Month.  API has been celebrating AP Month every October since 2008.

The AP Month vision is to create one strong voice for AP through activities, events and information and to celebrate what we believe in — the value of “Nurturing Peace for World Harmony” in our families and our communities.


Who: All parents, AP partners and like minds around the world are invited and encouraged to join with us in“Nurturing Peace for World Harmony” during Attachment Parenting Month.


AP Month Goals:

  1. Unify the AP voice. 
  2. Offer parents and adults support and confidence in “Nurturing Peace for World Harmony.”
  3. Promote awareness of AP.
  4. Educate about API, other AP Month sponsors and their services.
  5. Provide a source of funds to support the API mission.

About the theme:  “Nurturing Peace for World Harmony” is the theme for AP Month 2016 and a statement that healthy, secure attachments between parents and children isn’t just one child or one family, but extends to whole communities, nations and even the world.  We can be the change we wish to see in the world through our AP Month theme. We need not feel helplessly bathed in negativity; we can be empowered through this simple vision that begins in our homes.

During AP Month, parents are challenged to re-examine their daily activities and traditions and learn new ways to grow with each other and remain close and supportive.  AP Month partners will offer resources to support and sustain these efforts all year round.

Parenting Educator Training Oct 18-20 in Brooklyn


Based on the book Attached at the Heart, the Attached at the Heart Parenting Educator (AHPE) program is grounded in attachment theory, informed by cutting edge research, and designed as a prevention model to help parents better understand and apply the Eight Principles of Parenting for a child’s optimal physical and emotional development.

In only three days you can become a Certified Attached at the Heart Parent Educator (CAHPE) a program of Attachment Parenting International (API), with the information and materials you need to start teaching parenting classes in your community. We are looking for good candidates such as mental health professionals, social workers, childbirth and lactation educators, doulas, and family life educators. Space is limited!

Program developers API co-founders Barbara Nicholson & Lysa Parker will be in Brooklyn to personally teach the program. Apply today to take advantage of this rare opportunity to expand your knowledge base and become one of a select group of certified AATH Parent Educators.


You will learn:
♥ The basics of attachment theory and parent education principles
♥ Why attachment is critically important for the family and society
♥ Attachment parenting as defined by API
♥ Cultural myths about parenting
♥ The myths about AP
♥ Hands on strategies and activities for teaching the parents you serve and much more!
Workshop Tuition includes:
♡ Ten step-by-step lesson plans with downloadable materials, music, videos, activities, parenting tips and parent handouts
♡ Morning and afternoon snacks provided for each day
♡ Training to use the Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory
♡ Three full days of parenting training by the founders of API
Tues Oct. 18, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wed Oct. 19, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Thur Oct. 20, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Application fee: $30
Early Bird registration: $400
(after application is approved)
Late registration: $450 (after Oct. 4 )
Location: Nurture{bklyn}
Coming to Brooklyn, NY, October, 2016
Attached at the Heart Parent Educator Training

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