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How to Become Peer Parent Group Leader

How to Become Peer Parent Group Leader

Use our Leader Guide to Start a Parenting Group 


Parent Groups are held all over the world and in every kind of place. Groups meet monthly, or more frequently in libraries, community centers, office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, homes, conference and event centers, parks, coffee shops etc....

Peer leaders are the glue that makes it all work. Leaders are instrumental in organizing both the physical logistics and tending the group dynamics that are necessary for parents to feel safe and experience successful and enjoyable meetings. Leaders are prepared to encourage parents to share in a format that allows parents to focus on research-based information that help parents reel replenished, nourished and encouraged in practicing effective parenting skills.

Your success means that parents, children and families in your community flourish. To spark more flourishing, we've created a free, self-paced Leader Guide based on our long-successful, but lengthier leader accreditation process.

What you'll gain from the Leader Guide

  • Research-based parenting information, theory, and practice.
  • Preparation for sharing ideas and resources with other parents.
  • Skillful communication techniques.
  • Effective methods to overcome challenges with individuals and group dynamics.
  • Successful ways to help parents problem-solve in family situations.


Getting started with the Guide

Self-paced means that you may work at a pace that suits your needs and goals. One- to two months should be sufficient to substantially complete the Guide. You'll need time for:

  • Reading the three (3) core books as well as four (4) additional selections* and preparing brief reviews. These books and articles are short and very easy to read.
  • Responding to a series of questions.
  • Reviewing videos and training documents provided.
  • Planning to help you organize, advertise, and facilitate at least nine (9) free in-person meetings per year.


You'll also have access to these additional Leader resources:

  • An established network of like-minded parents, professionals, and organizations throughout the world.
  • Free publicity via a support group listing on our website with meeting times, locations, and a link to the group’s website.  
  • Support from peer leaders and staff via private forums, sites and publications.
  • Our library of meeting ideas, research, news articles, and other materials.
  • Marketing assistance and templates for promotions.


You'll have the resources you need to successfully:

  • Organize and lead meetings
  • Find meeting places
  • Create meeting topics
  • Raise funds for the group
  • Publicize your group
  • Connect and network with wider community leaders and resources
  • Help parents and children flourish