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How do you handle it when you and your spouse disagree on your parenting style?

At the end of the day Attachment Parenting is an overall philosophy, a belief about the relationship you want to develop with your children. It is important to talk with your spouse about your parenting goals. Use Non-violent communication to openly discuss your parenting philosophy, concerns, hopes, and goals. Work with your spouse to understand where they are coming from and work together to come up with a plan that will work for everyone in your family. Agree to each remain informed and aware of objective child development. Objective knowledge of how children generally grow and develop, paired with parental observations of a particular child can help parents appreciate their child's needs. If parenting differences have become a major source of stress within your family you may benefit from outside assistance. Contact an API Leader or check out the API Professional's Listing to find a marriage counselor near you who is familiar with Attachment Parenting.