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Attached at the Heart Online Features

Attached at the Heart Online Features

You'll use AHPP training to:

  • Increase your knowledge and practical use of attachment theory
  • Identify and use eight research-informed principles and related positive strategies that parents can use to strengthen the parent-child relationship, increase positive childhood experiences and reduce adverse childhood experiences.
  • Identify, enhance and encourage parents to use the positive parenting skills that contribute to Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) and develop resilience.


Parents you work with will benefit with stronger, healthy:

  • pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • parenting knowledge about child development
  • parent confidence
  • positive parenting skills
  • coping skills, support use and resilience
  • attuned parent-child relationship
  • less adversity and lower impact 


AHPP training helps you gain more tools, skills and knowledge to help parents in these specific areas:

  • Healthy decisions for birth and postpartum - before and after baby arrives
  • Understand baby’s cries and how to stay calm while they calm them
  • Practical strategies for strengthening the bond with their baby or young child
  • The role helpful others play in coping with and buffering stress 
  • Infant sleep and development
  • Infant communication signals and emotional milestones
  • Couple and family relationships
  • Learning how to learn as a parent 
  • Supporting safe child exploration with age-appropriate guidance


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