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Attached at the Heart Online Features

Attached at the Heart Online Features



This training will:

  • Increase knowledge of attachment theory
  • Identify eight research-informed principles and related positive strategies for implementing the practical application of attachment theory in daily childrearing. The training includes components of child abuse prevention.
  • Identify the ten Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the importance of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) in developing resilience.

The program is developed to:

  • Improve pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • Improve parenting knowledge about child development
  • Increase parent confidence
  • Increase positive parenting skills, including positive discipline
  • Increase parental resilience
  • Increase child resilience
  • Increase levels of empathy toward their children
  • Ensure healthy secure attachment
  • Prevent and mitigate child trauma

For an additional fee ($100) you will be able to teach classes in your community and online that will help parents:

  • Learn important facts to help make decisions before and after baby arrives
  • Understand baby’s cries and how to stay calm while they calm them
  • Learn how their childhood experiences influence their parenting
  • Learn practical strategies for strengthening the bond with their baby or young child
  • Learn about stress and resilience, and positive childhood experiences
  • Learn about infant sleep and development
  • Learn how to balance their lives to preserve the parent-child bond
  • Learn infant communication signals and emotional milestones
  • Understand how to make their couple relationship and family stronger
  • Be more informed and empowered parents
  • Understand the benefits of positive discipline and how to implement it in daily life


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