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Your Attached Family: Loving Uniquely Issue

Volume 15, Issue 3, 2013

Attachment Parenting is about loving each of our children as individuals with unique character traits. But this can be difficult to do in a culture that increasingly blames behavior on disorders and difficult temperament.

"Difficult" and "different" are not synonymous with "disordered"...

In this issue of Attached Family, we delve into temperament and how it intersects with parenting and the development of attachment style, and we challenge the notion that every hard-to-handle child needs a diagnosis.

Enjoy these features:

  • "What is a Spirited Child?" with Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of Raising Your Spirited Child
  • "The Orchid Child" with API's Sheena Sommers looking at the research behind genetic susceptibility
  • "Differences, Not Disorders" with Dr. Barbara Probst, author of When the Labels Don't Fit
  • "The New Gender Gap" with Drs. Betsy Gunzelman and Diane Connell discussing how boys are falling behind in our society
  • "Avoiding a Meltdown" with API's Leyani Redditi reminding parents of the most overlooked causes of tantrums


  • API's Art Yuen reviews the research at the intersection of Attachment Parenting and infant temperament
  • Father of child temperament, Dr. Jerome Kagan, weighs in
  • AP Canada's Judy Arnall offers a quiz to parents who determining whether your child of any age is spirited
  • API Leaders discuss how to handle a violent tantrum and the toddler who wants to touch everything
  • Quick tips on dealing with public tantrums
  • API's Lisa Lord shares her personal story on raising a challenging child
  • API's Rita Brhel offers insight to food texture issues
  • Results of API's Reader Poll on child spiritedness
  • Additional resources from around the 'Net on loving our children uniquely

And more from API:

  • How you can make a difference in this world, with API
  • What's new in the new edition of API cofounders' book, Attached at the Heart
  • Thanks, API volunteers!
  • API Local Support Group Directory
  • API Professional Associates Directory
  • API Position Paper on marriage, parenting and child behavior
  • API's Patricia Mackie on making couple time a priority
  • API's Stephanie Petters book review on Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix
  • API Giveaway -- entries due Dec. 10, 2013

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