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Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion: Bring Out the Best in Your Family

API recently finished reading the book Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion: Bring Out the Best in Your Family by Ilene Val-Essen, Ph.D. The main premise of this book is to change your current parenting patterns into more positive, connective patterns that will help your children develop into healthy adults. Ilene also points out that along the way you'll also find yourself healing on the path to a more loving home.

One of the important topics touched on was temperament; yours and your child's. This is often an over looked item when it comes to parenting our children. Ilene helps you to identify your temperament, character traits and then your child's. Afterwards you begin to understand where some natural conflicts are occurring in your relationship with your child due to simple traits of birth. Having this knowledge moves you into accepting yourself and your child in a more compassionate way.

Another premise of the book is that you want to move from a lower self process of reaction to a higher self process. The higher self allows you to make more sound judgments, ability to forgive, and to see things from your child's point of view. You work more together instead of in conflict.

Overall this was a good book on helping you on your way to a more compassionate, respectful family.

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